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Will Work For Gas

by Ryan | March 21, 2011

All around the world gas prices are on the rise and Boca is no exception. Maybe high gas prices are due to our lack of sustainable enery alternatives (although Lynn University is very sustainable!) or our friends in the middle east are holding out on us (*cough Gaddaffi *cough), but whatever the reason may be it’s really putting a strain on my college student budget!

$55 for 15 gallons of gas in my tiny little VW Jetta is a little ridiculous let alone those of us with trucks or gas-guzzlers. But until I get my job in the White House or lobbying congress I’ll be working for gas.

The question for many first-year students has (and is) should I bring a car freshman year? Well, if your wallet can handle it then bring it – if not leave the car with mom and dad and take advantage of the Lynn Shuttle (riding in style of course) or bum a ride off a friend – about half of the freshman class will bring cars (so chances are your roommate will have theirs).


Do you think cars are a necessity in Boca?


lustig 3/22/11 11:14 am

Nice comparison weapons and gas! But your tank won´t drive without gas either ;) ! Anyhow im from Germany and i need to pay 1,59€ per Liter thats a lot if you compare gallons with Liter and $ with € so i´ll join you working for gas buddy.

Ricardo Lartigue 3/23/11 2:38 pm

I have seen worse, when i used to drive in my home country a gallon of gas cost between 5$ to7$. Be ready to take the bus. :)