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Admitted Students – Take Some Tips!

by Ryan | April 10, 2011

The Admission’s team has worked extremely hard preparing for the Admitted Student Weekend – which is only a few days away! So I thought I’d give our ‘admitted students’ some pointers for when they get to campus….

1. There is no better place than South Florida… Live it up and go crazy, but not too crazy (after the weekend is over you still want to be considered an admitted student – believe me, I know).

2. It’s HOT here – leave the Ugg boots at home and pack plenty of flip flops (booty shorts and ugg boots – even though they can be a typical scene across campus, everyone will still be laughing at you, not with you).

3. EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING. Organizations and offices all across campus have been planning for your weekend for months – check everything out and try everything at least once (See you all Relay)!

4. Ask questions. This weekend is all about your experience – get as much information as possible and come August you’ll already be prepared! (When pre-registering for classes ask other students about Professors – we all have our favorites).

5. In the cafeteria remember: enter on the left, exit on the right. (You’ll thank me later).

Lastly, have fun! Remember this weekend is all about YOU! Get to know each other and current students. If you enjoy this weekend (or couldn’t make it) consider the Adirondack (ADK) Trip this summer – it’s AWESOME!!!

See you soon and welcome to the family!! Ps. Don’t forget to pack plenty of Blue & White!


Morgan 4/11/11 8:50 pm

Trying to take my job? lol.

Elkay 4/18/11 12:24 pm

Hi Ryan,
I do agree that there’s no better place than South Florida. The tips will be very useful.