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Why You Should Care About the Royal Wedding

by Ryan | April 29, 2011

It is not surprising that some people are not interested in the Royal Wedding and in fact are confused as to why so many other people care. Specifically, why people in the United States care.

Personally, I look at the Royal Wedding as the first positive news-worthy story in a very long time that makes people feel good (and as a media practitioner thats very important). The Wedding pulls people away from high gas prices, tough economic times, natural disasters including tornados and nuclear meltdowns. It’s actually surprising that someone would be more likely to post a Facebook status about how no one should care about the Royal Wedding, but that same person would never post an update hoping that the people of Alabama are safe from the Tornado earlier this week.

Other than every little girls dream of becoming a princess and a Disney-esque escape to a happier place there are a lot of reasons why we should care about the Royal Wedding:

  • IT’S THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN’S HISTORY BOOKS. Remember reading about England, the Queen, King George in school? Well, you’re watching the pages come to life.
  • HE’S PRINCESS DIANA’S SON. Princess Diana was known for her philanthropic attitude and passion for helping others. Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997. Prince William is her eldest son and many are looking to him (or kate) to continue Diana’s dream of helping others.
  • THEY’RE MODERN. Both the bride and groom are educated, almost 30 years old and they are already living together. Many young people today can admire their courage for taking on the Queen and breaking the traditional style of life.

So, congratulations Prince William and Princess Katherine. Keep doing what you’ve been doing because here in America, we’ll be watching.

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Jaime Rob 5/11/11 7:10 am

I watched the royal wedding, it was very nice.