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Here’s The Recap…

by Ryan | May 7, 2010

Since I haven’t blogged since March I wouldn’t be doing my readers justice if I didn’t pick up where I left off…

Since March 23, 2010 so much has happened. Relay For Life 2010 “MargaRELAYville” was a huge success – Lynn managed to raise just under $29,000 dollars for the American Cancer Society – a very impressive amount of money! Also, I was chosen as to serve on the executive committee for the 2011 Relay For Life at Lynn University as the Team Development Chair. I’m SUPER EXCITED to say the least.

On Sunday April 18, 2010 for my COM241 Group Communications Course we hosted “Canine Couture” a dog fashion show to benefit the Tri-County Humane Society here in Boca Raton, FL. Despite the rain and one of our group members having to go to the hospital the entire event was a huge success (we got an A on the project)!

Canine Couture benefit for the Tri County Animal Shelter. LU Photo

Canine Couture benefit for the Tri County Animal Shelter. LU Photo

The following weekend on April 25, 2010 we hosted the 20th Annual RA Challenge: Battle of the Buildings! Not only does tradition never die at Lynn, but it was very apparent as teams geared up to compete with each other for over $1000 dollars in cash prizes!

RA Challenge 2010! Photo by J. Doliber

RA Challenge 2010! Photo by J. Doliber

After RA Challenge the semester quickly wrapped up with finals, Residence Hall closing, and tomorrow Graduation (not that I’m graduating, but some of my best friends are). So, good luck and congratulations to the Class of 2010!

And please don’t worry, this isn’t my last blog – I’ll be blogging all summer long from the Jersey Shore (and no I’m not going to be on MTV).

What’s Your Super Power?

by Ryan | December 1, 2009

One of the things that have really help shaped my college career is working for Housing and Residence Life. Last year I took a Resident Assistant (RA) position mid semester last year and now I supervise a staff of RAs as a Community Advisor – both positions have been equally reqwarding and enjoyable!

Well not its time for RA and Shield Selection 2010-2011!!

RA Timea starring in the "Super Hero Campaign"

RA Timea starring in the "Super Hero Campaign"

Preparing for Training

by Ryan | July 30, 2009

I head back to Lynn in less then 2 weeks and I am so excited! I’m even more excited to begin as a Community Advisor (CA) in Freiburger Res Hall!!

The new Asst. Director of Housing and Residence Life, Joy Doliber, has asked me to present a session to the Resident Assistants (RAs) on Recognition and another session titled Profile of a Peer. Recognition includes recognizing each other, Residents and others that work at the University. Profile of a Peer analyzes the “Lynn Student” and how RAs can relate.

And in typical Making Waves fashion I need to come up with something different, fun and interactive to do while presenting to the RAs. Any Ideas?