Its great to be back in Boca Raton. I missed Taryn Alexis Hamill and Armando Castillo alot! You never know how much you miss someone until you’ve been away from them for such a long time.  After spending a week at Inner Harbor in Baltimore at the ACUHO-I, Association of College and University Housing Officers International, conference I went to New York City where I was able to enjoy the fourth of July. While I was at ACUHO-I I attended numerous socials, presented at the annual business meeting, and networked with a variety of professionals. In New York I had the opportunity to see Wicked, see the NACURH Information Center at NYU, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, and explore the Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim Museum was really fascinating because it was featuring Frank Loyd Wright’s architechture and I never knew that he designed Florida Southern College campus.

As a Lynn Alum, it has truly been a pleasure and wonderful experience being able to blog about my student life at Lynn University. I never anticipated nor did I know that I would be doing this when I applied to Lynn four years ago. I forever will remember my life as an undergraduate student because it was four of the best years in my life. If you are a prospective student, a community member, a guest, or just someone checking out my blog feel free to ask me questions or talk to me online. My email is, my AIM is Jjmac022, my twitter is mcnamara22, and of course you can find me on facebook. I will continuously update you on my search for my future. I recently received a phone call from Grand Canyon University for a Assistant Resident Director position. Who knows what my future holds…it will undoubtably be somewhere where I feel its a “fit”.

Thank you Lynn University, Marketing and Communication Department, Jason Hughes, Debbie Stern, Anthony Bosio, Laura Vann, and Christina Mendoza for giving me the opportunity to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about and making this a memorable experience for me.

Final blog…I love Lynn University and will always be a fighting knight.

Steely Dan Concert in Mizner Park and Sayan Becker

When you go to college do you ever wonder who you are going to meet? Coming to Lynn I never anticipated to meet so many people and make so many friends from different backgrounds. Many of the friends that I have made here have very interesting stories and experiences alike.

By the end of my sophomore year I had the unique opportunity to meet a friend named Sayan Becker, we like to call her Sa. It was approaching summer and I was going to be working for Language and Leisure Experts and Sa was going to be doing an internship down here in Boca. She was going to be living off-campus for the next two years during the summer her roommate wasn’t going to be there, so I told her I was spend the summer with her so that she wasn’t living alone.

Walter Becker in the Steely Dan Band playing guitar

Walter Becker in the Steely Dan Band playing guitar

It was just prior to living with her that I learned I was living with the daughter of the lead guitarist in Steely Dan. Sa, Armando, Karina, Sandy, Erica, Lynette, Erica’s Mom, and I had all gone down to Hard Rock Live to see him perform in the Spring, and tonight we had the chance to do it again.

Steely Dan was playing at the Mizner Park Amphitheater tonight and Sa got us all tickets, shirts, and VIP passes. Mike, France, Dominick, Sandy, and I went to Pranzo’s first for some dinner and drinks and then walked in to see the band play. We were close to the front of the stage and many would agree we were probably the youngest individuals there, but we were having a blast.

At the end of the concert we went back stage to see her father and I was so impressed and thankful that she was able to get my ticket once again to see the band and her father perform. It was a great concert and we had an amazing time. It’s been great to have a friend like Sa, but its going to be difficult seeing her move to Cali.

Leadership Doesn’t End after College: NACURH National Chair

Heading out to the University of Arizona this weekend I had anticipations/expectations to be sworn in as the National Associate of Finance for NACURH, Inc. Little did I know that I would be putting together a bid for National Chair.

We arrived on Wednesday and were informed that the National Chair position was vacant. Eager for an opportunity to lead the largest student run organization and a chance to be further connected with students motivated me to step up and run for the position. I was running against an equally qualified individual and was very nervous all day Friday. Needless to say, I was elected by the National Board of Directors to serve as the incoming 2009-2010 National Chair for NACURH, Inc.

My incoming National Chair Speech:

Hey NACURH! Is that all the enthusiasm that you have remaining? Let’s do that again. Hey NACURH! Much better. My name is Joey McNamara and I am the incoming National Chair for NACURH Incorporated. It is with great pleasure that I stand here before inspirational student leaders, dedicated and supportive advisors, family and friends, and one phenomenal National Conference Staff. Read more »


When you come to Lynn as a Freshman, you never think about the day you will leave or have to move on. The great thing is that you never leave because you become Alumni. Its difficult to imagine as the Freshman the pace that college is and how quickly it passes by. Walking across the stage and receiving the “fake temporary” diploma almost feels surreal. Its a feeling of happiness, but also a sign of tears.

I wasn’t really nervous about giving the commencement speach or any part of graduation. Tears really didn’t come down my face because I was lucky on stage to not have the ability to see people in the crowd, i.e. my mom, grandparents, family, and friends. The hardest part of graduation was exitting the gym because you walked down the center isle where all the faculty and staff were aligned to send their congratulations and express how proud they were of us. These are the individuals who helped us get where we are today. It was emotional because sometimes you underestimate how much they care about you or don’t realize the impact they we have on their lives.

A Night of Leadership

Student leadership is very strong on campus and each year I look forward to the leadership banquet. It is one of my favorite days on campus because it is a night where all of our hard work in student involvement is showcased. Tonight this night had more meaning than ever before because it has been four years of leadership that have made my college experience so memorable.

Dress in purple, Taryn and I didn’t plan on matching, I had the opportunity to speak on behalf of Student Government Association. Student Government President truly has been one of the most rewarding leadership positions that I have held in my entire life. I learned so many transferable skills for life after college with the support and guidance from all of the faculty, staff, and my peers on campus. I recognized my executive board this evening for their overwhelming dedication to SGA this year and I took the opportunity to recognize some seniors as well with honor cords and a mortarboard because SGA wouldn’t be where it is today without their help. More importantly, I wouldn’t be the leader and activist for campus change and development that I am without my advisors, Jen and Anthony.

As the end of the year comes to an end I have started to get emotional with the thought of leaving behind a campus that has meant so much to me. However, Taryn obviously thought I needed to get more emotional as she addressed me in her speech prior to presenting me the Hundrieser Fellowship Award. She said, “I have a quote, because we love those this evening!’A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader; a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.’ This individual has motivated students through every step he has taken on this campus,” and I thought I was going to tear, but it was when she said “I also had the privilege of speaking to the recipient’s mom today, and she wanted me to tell you this, ‘I love you, and I am so proud of you. Everything you have gotten you have earned, and I’m so lucky,’” that I lost it.  

As recipient of Returning RA of the Year and the Hundrieser Fellowship Award, I have a strong feeling of appreciation and gratitude for what I have earned. Furthermore, to see SGA be recognized as the Organization of the Year and for Civility Week to be Program of the Year, I look back on this past year and I am proud of our dedication, commitment, and passion for being a Lynn student.

Teams Are Plugging Along

Teams are plugging along trying to accomplish as much as possible in the twenty four hours. They think they are going to finish it all, but I am confident that they won’t. I know that each team has a strong representation of dedication, passionate, smart individuals, but I must say Taryn created riddles that challenge even an individual with the highest IQ. Some of the clues included:


1.       What event on campus helped Lynn become the number one University for online donations?

2.       If you wanted to volunteer at a local food kitchen, where would you go? Take a picture with 15 bare toes in it, from your team, in front of their Boca Raton headquarters.

3.       What was the name of the event FAU, Lynn and PBCC just co-sponsored together at FAU?

4.       Register your entire team with to ask President Obama to act now and stop the genocide in Darfur. Bring us the confirmation print outs.

But the list alone wasn’t their only tasks. Between 12am and 7am this morning they are receiving text messages every hour on the hour to accomplish a task. No team is required to complete every task, but the big bonus points definitely encourages them to do so.

Text Message Challenges:

1.  Collect 20 canned goods (5 different variety) and bring them to the Elks Lodge in Boca Raton by 1:45am to donate to Students for the Poor to receive 10 points.

2. Collect 2 shirts, 2 jeans, and one pair of shoes and bring them to the Army Navy Store in West Boca by 5:15am to donate to Students for the Poor to receive 15 points.

3. Count the amount of speed bumps on campus and text the number by 3:35am to receive 10 points.


Fatigue was rarely noticed on the faces of the players. They were running full force to complete as much as possible. They were having so much fun and bleeding blue and white as their pride for Lynn was represented around the community…..who will win???

Amazing Chase: A Blue and White Battle

Whenever you start a new event on campus, you never know what to expect. Back in November when I came up with the idea to hosting a 24-hour scavenger hunt on campus that would encompass Lynn University and Boca Raton while fostering team work, community service, community awareness, and collaboration, I didn’t know who would be interested in doing it. Tonight I found out!

Yesterday afternoon at the captains meeting we had six teams signed up. I was getting so nervous. The first place prize was $2500, second place prize was OSI packages, and third place was each team member to receive a digital camera and GPS system. With all the time, energy, and money that we had invested in this project, six teams was not going to work.

We just let the teams off with their list of over 350 riddles and problems to solve. In less than 18 hours from yesterday, our team number grew from 6 to 20. It was unbelievable. The Schmidt building was packed with students, faculty, and staff eager to participate in what will soon be a Lynn tradition. We had the teams, they had the clues, and they were off…

Off to Eastern Kentucky University

I am sitting at the airport right now waiting for my flight to leave to Charlotte. I am on my way for an on-campus interview at Eastern Kentucky University with the possibility of becoming a Residence Life Coordinator for the upcoming year. I received a call last Thursday while I was at the Hilton interning, and I was very excited for this opportunity. This will be my first time going to Kentucky so I am looking forward to seeing what it is like.

You can definitely see how airlines are trying to overcome this recession. As I checked in at US Airways the first message that came up was a request to take an alternative flight for compensation because they were overbooked. I currently have (3) three vouchers with Delta because they are overbooking to ensure they have full planes. Normally I do not have a structured schedule so I always am the first to volunteer.

Anways…I have to get back to writing my commencement speech!

From Colony to Chapter: ZBT

Fall of sophomore year I was introduced to Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. The national representative from the fraternity, Lawrence, was on our campus immediately after school went into session and he stayed throughout the activities fair and other events on campus. I never thought that I would have joined a fraternity, but truly this has been a rewarding experience. Building a fraternity from scratch is no easy task. As a sophomore, with a majority of freshman men, we struggled in various areas including leadership, brotherhood, finances, etc. However, as of 5:12pm today we can call ourselves an official ZBT Chapter.

The expressions, text messages, phone calls, and overwhelming positive attitudes and level of charisma from the brothers and I was phenomenal. The text I received from John Colon, our Chapter President, ” My Bros., @ 5:12pm today David Saks, the new ZBT Associative Director called me personally telling us that our Charter was officially granted!” We had found out on Tuesday unofficially, but today it was officially. We have made so many long strides and efforts this year that this was remarkable. Our campus advisor, Paul Turner, has been very supportive to the fraternity throughout the year. He is a constant vide of positivity and can be seen grilling at our tailgates or any time we have a BBQ.

It’s great to be a ZBT!

We Surpassed Our Goal: Relay for Life

This is my sixth Relay For Life that I have participated in. Each year I become more and more involved with organizationa and I cannot express enough how much this means to me.  It is 7am this morning and we have been sitting on the floor of the ACS office for an hour as our ACS partner calculate our bank drops and online donations that we had received so far. As the numbers continue to increase, our goal of $35,000 was getting closer by the minute. When we stepped out of the office at 7:00am a sense of accomplishment covered our faces!!! At this point we had raised $34,876…and we still have more money to come in…exhaustion, low energy levels, and fatigue was how I felt, but this achievement means so much more…