SGA Results

So its only be several minutes since I last posted, but I figured that these results are so important. These individuals are going to be the student leaders who shape the future of SGA and how it is represented on campus. They will be the students that bring our community closer and continue to make strides to bridge any gaps between faculty, staff, and students. Your SGA Executive Board for the upcoming 2009-2010 Academic Year are:

President-Mohamed Abdalla

Vice President- Jennifer Rodriguez

Chief Financial Officer- Armando Castillo

KAT Chair- Zach Welsh

RHA Chair- Steph Hammerman

The two candidates that did not win show a huge amount of dedication, enthusiam, passion and contribution to our university and student involvement on campus. I am so proud of all the candidates that ran for these positions because they raised the bar. They have set new expectations for advertising…who would have thought to have placed sheet banners all over campus and bags lining the sidewalks. Ryan and Henry will be an asset to any leadership position on campus. Their passion for this university is immeasurable. Ryan always says, “If you asked me “Why Lynn?” I would say because of all of you; an experience of this quality is incomparable and priceless.”

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