We Surpassed Our Goal: Relay for Life

This is my sixth Relay For Life that I have participated in. Each year I become more and more involved with organizationa and I cannot express enough how much this means to me.  It is 7am this morning and we have been sitting on the floor of the ACS office for an hour as our ACS partner calculate our bank drops and online donations that we had received so far. As the numbers continue to increase, our goal of $35,000 was getting closer by the minute. When we stepped out of the office at 7:00am a sense of accomplishment covered our faces!!! At this point we had raised $34,876…and we still have more money to come in…exhaustion, low energy levels, and fatigue was how I felt, but this achievement means so much more…

One Response to “We Surpassed Our Goal: Relay for Life”

  1. That is wonderful. It sounds like something great to be involved in