Steely Dan Concert in Mizner Park and Sayan Becker

When you go to college do you ever wonder who you are going to meet? Coming to Lynn I never anticipated to meet so many people and make so many friends from different backgrounds. Many of the friends that I have made here have very interesting stories and experiences alike.

By the end of my sophomore year I had the unique opportunity to meet a friend named Sayan Becker, we like to call her Sa. It was approaching summer and I was going to be working for Language and Leisure Experts and Sa was going to be doing an internship down here in Boca. She was going to be living off-campus for the next two years during the summer her roommate wasn’t going to be there, so I told her I was spend the summer with her so that she wasn’t living alone.

Walter Becker in the Steely Dan Band playing guitar

Walter Becker in the Steely Dan Band playing guitar

It was just prior to living with her that I learned I was living with the daughter of the lead guitarist in Steely Dan. Sa, Armando, Karina, Sandy, Erica, Lynette, Erica’s Mom, and I had all gone down to Hard Rock Live to see him perform in the Spring, and tonight we had the chance to do it again.

Steely Dan was playing at the Mizner Park Amphitheater tonight and Sa got us all tickets, shirts, and VIP passes. Mike, France, Dominick, Sandy, and I went to Pranzo’s first for some dinner and drinks and then walked in to see the band play. We were close to the front of the stage and many would agree we were probably the youngest individuals there, but we were having a blast.

At the end of the concert we went back stage to see her father and I was so impressed and thankful that she was able to get my ticket once again to see the band and her father perform. It was a great concert and we had an amazing time. It’s been great to have a friend like Sa, but its going to be difficult seeing her move to Cali.

2 Responses to “Steely Dan Concert in Mizner Park and Sayan Becker”

  1. I love you, and will always love you.
    Your awesome!
    Your talented in many ways than one.
    Im going to miss you.
    Your in my heart, memories, and soo much more.
    Your the BEST!

  2. I’m a Steely Dan fanatic. Walter Becker is a genius! What an incredible experience you had!