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What a year!

by Kerri | May 1, 2010

And what a year it has been! With only 2 more finals left on Tuesday (audio production at 10:30 and Leadership at 1), I am shocked still at how quick it went by!! While everyone is packing up to leave to go home, I am packing up to move – to Trinity!

Since I am in the Lynn 3.0 program, I along with the other students in the program must move there starting next week. I am excited to be in the program, but really not looking forward to moving into Trinity (no offense to anyone who is in there now). I just don’t like it since it is smaller than Frieburger and there is carpet which you never know what has been on it (ewww much?)

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick post before the weekend of cleaning up my room and packing stuff up to finalizing my notecards for my speech. :) I will be sure to post once my summer classes start on May 10!!

Thank you to all of my readers this last year! I truly am happy you have read my blog and cannot wait to see you all next semester (and I hope you will continue to read over the summer)!!! :)


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