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Ring ring does the bell

by Kerri | September 30, 2009

As my roommate got back from her shower and started to change into her pj’s the fire alarm started to go off. It is loud and very annoying! I was typing on my computer and said aloud “What in the world?”

My roommate said “Are you kidding me?!”

And out we went into the baseball field along with some other Frieburger residents. I heard some talk among the students about how one girl was still in the shower (who a few minutes later came out soaking wet in her clothing) and Morgan was even telling us how last year Old Lynn got flooded because a student was showing off that he was strong and broke a water pip from the ceiling.

It was an interesting story to hear while we all waited for the alarms to stop ringing and flashing. After about 5 minutes or so of standing outside in the field we were finally able to head back inside.

All I can say is I was happy I was not in the shower when the alarm sounded!

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