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Keep Praying!

by Kerri | January 18, 2010

It was a heartbreaking moment when Lynn’s community found out that the reports of that 4 more students had been found and then 12 hours later to know it was 1 student was just heart wrenching.

Our community is sticking together, praying and hoping that all 6 are found soon & brought back home. Until thathappens every night we will be lighting candles all around campus so they may see the light in order to make it home. Keep praying for our students & professors along with everyone else in Haiti.

Thank you.

3 to go!

by Kerri | January 14, 2010

The most recent update has told Lynn students & members of its community that 11 of our 12 students have been found and we are now searching for our final missing student and the two professors as well. Let’s keep praying for them to make a safe return to Lynn University. And please keep in thought of those who are no longer with their families in this hard time.

The school is holding a service at the Chapel at noon and another service following at 12:30.

As a Lynn student, I am so happy to know that more then half of our “family” has been found and are at the US Embassy. Nowwe need to get the final 3 and bring them home!

More updates as they come will follow. Information is given to the public at:

www. lynn. edu /alert  (without the space)