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My 1st iPulse article!

by Kerri | November 10, 2009

Some of you may know I am one of the Web Editors for iPulse. This has me get the articles and pictures ready to go onto the iPulse website so I don’t really get to write articles. I have Professor Powers for Introduction to Journalism as well as the iPulse. For intro to Journ. she had each of the students write a Feature story. I knew I would excel at this since I had spent the last two years as a Feature writer for my high school’s paper The Ridge. Anyway, I decided to do a feature on Knights in the Community.

I interviewed the president of KIC and turned out an article to turn in. I found out the following week that it was going into iPulse! I was surprised but excited to actually have an article in the paper. So please read my article and you can find out more about KIC and what the president has to say!

Happy Reading! I’d love to get your thoughts on the article. I am currently working on a new article for next week that Prof. Powers wants me to do (she is determined to get me to write…. lol).



Here is the link to my article you can also read it from Monday’s iPulse Mini.…

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