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Let me buy you a Hooker…..

by Kerri | June 9, 2011

Nooooo this is NOT what you may be thinking by the title of my blog. Let me start off by saying my 3 day weekend was simply amazing! I loved it and the girls and I had so much fun!! Now I will get to the story of this “hooker” in a few minutes, but first here is what happened over my trip to the West and South of Ireland.

Saturday June 4, 2011:

We all (myself, Meg, Sarah, Lauren, Lil, Rachael, Alexa and Michelle) got up at 7am on Saturday morning so we could catch our 8am Paddywagon bus to Galway. Most of us had packed the night before. I just brought some t-shirts, jeans and of course my cameras! We made our way over to the tourist center where the bus was suppose to pick everyone up. Our driver introduced himself – he seemed nice. So we made our way to Galway with several stops along the way since it was a bit of a drive. One of our stops along the way was to see Cong which was ruins of an Abbey. That was pretty neat to see. We then saw the biggest lake in Ireland which is called Lough Corrib. After that we went to Leenaun. We also stopped at the Kylemore Abbey for lunch which was an absolutely gorgeous place to see. There were these cute little donkeys on the top of the hill that made quick friends with Alexa (haha).

Alexa's new best friend! (Kylemore Abbey)

Alexa's new best friend! (Kylemore Abbey)

So we ate lunch then continued onward with our trip toward Galway. We stopped somewhere in Connemara. Finally we made it to Galway and stopped by our hostel the Kinlay House to drop our things off. Shawn (our tour guide) told the whole group he would show us a place to eat. So we met with him to go eat. The food there was not the best in my mind. Now to the point of the title of my blog.

Shawn tried to buy Alexa a drink. The drink is called a Galway Hooker which is the name of a particular boat. I guess it’s a joke or something? Anyway, she did not want it at all since our guide was a little creepy… So that’s the story behind that.

Havana Cultura just so happened to be going on the night we got to Galway. There was live music and people were doing some crazy things in the street. It was a lot of fun and some drunk guys were dancing with Meg. It was too funny. So after a while we wanted to try to find some club to go to. We found a couple of clubs that were free, but totally dead. We found a club that amazing called Central Park, but it cost 8 euro to get it. It was so worth it! I had so much fun dancing with Meg, Sarah and Lauren.

Sunday June 5, 2011:

Sunday we got up fairly early had a pretty good breakfast before getting on the bus and heading out. We made our first stop of the day at Dunguaire Castle. Then we stopped at Corcumroe Abbey for some more photos. Then off to Black Head which had an amazing view of the Atlantic Ocean. It was absolutely beautiful. We did lunch at Fitzpatrick Bar which was ok, but my burrito was super spicy. After lunch it was off to Cliffs of Moher which was so cool to see, but so windy too! The view was awesome. I bought a CD and a postcard while I was there. We made a stop at Adare for a quick stop. Finally we made our way to Killarney where our 2nd hostel was located. The first hostel was so much nicer, but hey what can you do? Again we met with Shawn to go somewhere to eat. The food was pretty good. We were also told about this horse carriage ride the next morning for an hour for only 12 euro! I was so excited about this.

Monday June 6, 2011:

So we had to wake up early to get something to eat before meeting outside for the carriage ride. Our driver and horse were both very nice. The horse’s name was Rosie and she was very sweet. She is 10 and was once owned by gypsies. After the hour trip around Killarney National Park (which was AWESOME) we got back on the bus and headed to Blarney Castle. Now this was for certain a highlight of our trip. We got to explore the castle and YES I kissed the Blarney Stone! It was a little nerve wracking, but so worth it. :) I truly enjoyed it. After that we made our final stop at the Rock of Dunamase which again was awesome. I think everyone really enjoyed this stop. Finally we made our way back to Dublin.

So if you’d like to see all my photos from this last weekend please go to my Facebook and check them out! I will be posting photos here soon. Also I took a lot of videos as well, I just need to figure out how to get it off the video camera – haha. Wish me luck!

A final thought is: I am almost done with my first week of my 2nd class! I am so ready to be done. :P But hey I love Dublin!!