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Yes, I Have Cellulite!

by Tammy | October 25, 2011

Today, my best friend and ONLY best friend of the opposite sex (I don’t believe in honest men and women friendships, without interest, UNLESS one  of the two is gay, Johnny is the only exception) went on a “date.”

Of course, Johnny was late, but oh well, the thing is that this past parents day  weekend I won gift cards to   the restaurant right next to the mall… Duffy’s. We were kind of excited because we were going to have a decent meal for pretty cheap…EPIC failure, it just happened to be Monday and the  gift card didn’t apply! Anyways, we had a great time!
But, oh well… the thing is that the salmon and baked potato that had gave me enough energy to work out at the gym..Plus, go to ZUMBA class here at Lynn which the fitness center offers (which I will dedicate a blog to because I just LOVE it).

During my gym session, I was reading a magazine where KK (Kim Kardashian) blatantly stated, “Yes, I have cellulite.”  I was kind of blown off for a second… a star  outspokenly putting herself out there for everyone to read..and in a way was encouraged to put myself out there as well (therapy baby).


You might be thinking that it is superficial of me to admire her for stating this. I obviously know and comprehend that there are more important things to life than self image, but, it’s not easy to voice one’s flaws, whether they are physical or emotional.

Last week, I started an internship at a lifestyle website focused on health and fitness. I absolutely love it. I write articles on health and fitness, fashion, among other topics. The career center helped me get it and I couldn’t be happier. I actually wish I could go for more hours.

After thinking about  why it was that I absolutely loved it, I realized that it was because I was writing for an audience struggling with an issue that I have dealt with throughout my life.  Weight. What??! “But Tammy you’re not fat!”  Yes,  I know, but you don’t have to be fat to have a problem with it.

 I think my problem with weight started somewhere in between training bras, mood swings (essentially, puberty) . Name an eating disorder, and I have probably had some way, shape or form of it.

Why exactly? I don’t know. It’s always been an area of my life that I can control. I can control exactly what goes into my mouth & at some point of my life out as well. Embarrassing? Yes. However, I know that I am not alone in this. Today, I don’t have the same struggles I used to. I have friends who I’ve asked for help and they’ve been there for me, and I have a dad who tells me  I am beautiful and that I am his princess every day . Till this day, I think about how many calories I eat…but, it is a problem I am aware of and work on day to day.

And, how does this relate to Lynn and YOU? Well, I know for sure that going to a counselor or a psychologist is sort of taboo. About a year ago, after realizing that Lynn students have full free access to professionals who can help you with WHATEVER issue you may have I started to go to the Counseling center (located in Freiburger) . Honestly, there are days when I feel there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING interesting to say… I go and just vent.  Stress, school, family, relationships…You name it and they’ve heard it! I encourage students to take advantage of this great resource we have on campus, and  YES, I HAVE CELLULITE! LOL. Kudos to KK!!!


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Suresh Babu 10/25/11 5:03 am

Yeah it was a very inspiring and positive message to all the girls and women suffering from weight related issues. It is so important you take care of yourselves and feels just cared when your loved one are with you through trying times. I enjoyed your post Tammy!

video gay 10/25/11 6:59 pm

The tabloids love this kind of title, any talk of default figures, we have cellulite yes! And then who is bringing the children for 9 months :)

sewing machine 11/2/11 12:57 pm

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