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C’ est La Vie Post Grad

by Tammy | June 10, 2012

As I woke up this Sunday morning and starting jotting down my to do list for the day which included putting air in my tires, cleaning my car, taking out the garbage, preparing my lunch box and so forth, I stopped for a moment and gasped as I realized that slowly, but surely I AM BECOMING MY MOTHER!!!

We’ve all been through that rebellious stage during puberty where we vowed never  to be like our parents. Nowadays, I would be proud to be like my mom (of course, with a little adjustments here and there) but ever since I have moved out to from Lynn to an apartment it has become unmistakably obvious to me how similar I am to my mother in so many ways.

In the process of my new “grown up” lifestyle I’ve learned things about myself that I had no idea.

About a week after graduation, I started working in the Office of Marketing everyday. I’ve worked there for almost two years,howeverI used to have  a work schedule that fit with my classes and from now till I start my masters in August, I work from 9-5 like a big girl.

Being the nerd I’ve always been, I thought I would always prefer school before work.

To my surprise, that has not been the case, AT ALL! I actually prefer working than I do school.  Why? School in a sense is never ending. You go to the class, then your part time job, and VOILA you still have that paper or reading to do.

I love work because once you leave the office your day has a sense of closure that school doesn’t give you. Obviously, this varies from job to job and of course there are times you take home stress from work. And evidently there are cases where you hate your job and you count the hours to end! But, this hasn’t been my case at all!

Something else I’ve learned about myself since I’ve left Lynn is that I actually enjoy being in the kitchen. I was worried about when I left the dorms because at home, I’ve never had to cook and at Lynn I had the caf to feed myself.

Surprise surprise, I’ve started to like cooking!  But, grocery shopping does have its tricks! If you’re new to the graduate club maybe this will work for you:

Tip 1  for recent graduates. Make a list! After not having to go grocery shopping EVER, it’s a huge temptation to buy everything you see! But, reality is you don’t need all of it. What I’ve been doing is making a meal plan of what I will be eating for the week (I take my lunch to work) and based my grocery list on that.

Tip 2: Budget

Something else that I do exactly like my mother does is write down what I spend and where. By doing this, I can project myself financially and save money doing so.

Before your paycheck comes in, you should know what payments you have to make.

Tip 3: What’s convenient for you?

Figure out what type of shopping you have to do. Do you live with a whole bunch of people and eat similar food? Maybe it’s convenient for you to wholesale shop. For me, wholesale stores like Cosco aren’t convenient because my roommate and I eat differently and anything I consume would probably go bad before I finish it.

I currently go to a grocery store called Aldi  which has everything for super cheap (cheaper than Wal-Mart). The catch is that they don’t accept credit cards! Only debit cards and cash. The only Aldi I know is at 4801 Linton Boulevard Delray Beach, Florida. Obviously if that is very far away from your house it’s not worth it for you because you’ll be spending more on gas!

For recent graduates, time is of the essence! When I get back home from work I do enjoy cooking but I am in no mood of chopping vegetables. So, I clean all my vegetables and chop them all the same day I go to the grocery store so I can use them later that week. I also make sure the night before to marinade my meat and leave it almost ready to go in a zip lock bag.

Tip 4 :Little by Little…

I’ve never been a fan of cleaning.  So, to think about spending a whole Saturday cleaning was not an option. Every day I do something I don’t like to do for 10 minutes or so. This can be either cleaning bathroom, kitchen, organizing your closet! For instance, if your favorite show is on one night you can do your laundry while your watching it.

I think enough Martha Stewart talk for today! Do you have any suggestions for recent graduates? How’s your life post college treating you?


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RCTI Online live streaming 6/11/12 4:20 pm

wow, viva la vida. I like it. thank you

Mary Gibbs, Answer2 6/20/12 9:11 pm

Very good tips. Great post!

Online course 6/21/12 4:51 am

Did you really cook those meals?!? They look delish!!