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What Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have to do with politics…

by Tammy | June 29, 2012

Ever since I moved to the United States to start college, I’ve felt a little bit out of tune with politics because the political system back home in Nicaragua is extremely different to the American political system.

I’ve always been very careful with expressing my political views because I feel that I don’t know enough about American politics to give a coherent opinion.

Therefore, instead of sounding stupid I prefer to stay on the side -lines listening to what people who actually know what they are talking about and I simply absorb as much knowledge as I can.

However, I do not hesitate expressing my opinion when it comes to anything I can directly relate to or that concerns my people, Latin Americans.

So, what do Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have to do with politics? You might be thinking I’m going on a tangent here because I may have a case of Bieber fever, but I’m not.

Actually, member of Congress Rep. Luis Gutierrez turned over to pop culture to express his concerns of Arizona’s immigration law and I just loved the point he brought across.

If you are wondering what the Arizona’s Immigration Law  is here you go:

“This law mandates the carrying of proper documentation for any alien in Arizona, and it levies a misdemeanor on any person who is found without such documentation. It also requires state law enforcement officials to determine an individual’s immigration status during any routine stop, detention or arrest when the official has a reasonable suspicion that an individual might be in Arizona illegally.”

The controversy of this provision comes down to if you “look” like an immigrant police can freely ask you for your papers.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez took the U.S House floor with posters of the star couple and asked the Illinois legislator by asking him to “pick out the immigrant.”

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to make a 3 second analysis to see that most people would agree that Selena Gomez “looks” a lot more like an immigrant than Justin Bieber.

Yet, Texas-born Selena Gomez is as American as hot dogs and apple pie and Bieber who “looks” more American is actually Canadian.

This is just one example of how difficult it would be for Arizona police to constitutionally carry out a requirement that would give them the liberty to check the immigration status of those they arrest and find suspicious.

In my opinion, Arizona law is unconstitutional in every way, shape or form you could possibly analyze it.

I can’t believe how archaic this provision is!

Isn’t the United States known as the “melting pot” for having an extremely diverse population with people from ALL OVER the world with different races, religions and cultures?

Haven’t we been fighting against racial profiling for years? And now we are making it legal to profile someone based on how they look(because that is what it comes down to).

Let’s pretend the Arizona Immigration Law took place for one day at Lynn University campus.

I don’t have blue eyes or blond hair (that is, naturally LOL) and I have a little bit of accent but guess what? I am American. I have a U.S passport that states that I was born in the United States of America.

But, because I look “suspiciously” foreign the police have the right to pull me over.

Look at this picture of NBA star Jeremy Lin

Look at this one of Tony Parker

Who’s the American? Based on their names it sounds that Tony Parker is the American one right? WRONG! Lin was born in Los Angeles and Parker in Belgium.

Arizona officials will supposedly be trained on how to identify illegal immigrants. So can someone tell me how in the world he or she will do this WITHOUT racial profiling taking place?

So, if you have a Jennifer Lopez butt or have a resemblance to Antonio Banderas BEWARE FRIENDS, BEWARE!



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