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On the Road Again!

by Tammy | September 5, 2012

Monday morning the seven of us (including 2 faculty members) started our road trip to the Democratic National Conventional with Willie Nelson’s song, “On the Road again” (courtesy of Dean Jaffe’s ipod).

Even though no one was singing because it was WAY to early, a couple dunkin donuts and coffees later we relived and started brainstorming for our coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

7 hours and a few “y’alls” later we were in Georgia where we would spend the night and continue our journey the next day to Charlotte, North Carolina.

After checking in at our motel, we headed out to Savannah’s East River Street to work on a few standups and interview locals.

The cobble stone streets and picturesque restaurants on the riverfront took me back to the King Cotton days!

The next morning we changed laid back Savannah for exciting Charlotte!

As soon as we arrived in Downtown Charlotte, everywhere I turned there were reporters, volunteers, protesters, and journalists.

We quickly bought tickets for the light rail that took us to the stop right next to the convention center and off we were to find stories.

Despite the VERY warm and VERY humid weather, there are men and women elegantly dressed and looking busy in some way, shape or form! (FYI ladies, men are VERY attractive in North Carolina)

While Sophia and A.J. were at the taping of the Daily show, Patricia, Ricky and I walked all over town interviewing people.

Even though some of the people I interviewed had views completely different from mine, I was impressed by how passionate they were for their cause!

By the end of the afternoon we were beat! But, back we went to the hotel to produce the hardcopy of the ipulse, edit broadcast news packages,write blog entries and of course watch the first lady’s speech.

Over dinner at the Cheescake Factory, Andy gave me the great news that I would be attending Hispanic Caucus where Michelle Obama would be delivering a speech! Not only was I excited because I would see and hear the first lady up close! But, let me remind you that the Latino event is CRUCIAL in this election and I wanted to get a chance to listen to what she would say directly to my people!

You will DEFINETLY be hearing about my experience at the Hispanic caucus! But, as for now I have to go edit, write and catch up with 2 weeks of my grad courses homework!#goingnuts



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