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I’m a Graduate!

by Ashley | May 16, 2012

As we go through school and think back to what everything used to be; like the friends you had, the things you did, or the things you accomplished at school…it makes you think how fast time really goes. Since my freshman year to my senior year, so much has changed around me including myself. And along one’s undergraduate career, you start to out-grow things, whether it’s old friends, habits, characteristics, and ideas/dreams. There are so many things that I’ve learned from these four years! One, is that people come and go (which is not a bad thing) because memories are great to have; if life throws you a curve let it, wait for it, then drive it out of the park, don’t hate, sh*t happens, have an open-mind, be yourself, and wear sunscreen to the beach EVERY time you go in South Florida. haha Too many times have I gotten a little bit too crispy ;-p

My family came in last Thursday afternoon and I had a total of 7 people bunking in my one-bedroom apartment. Let’s just say it was very interesting. I haven’t seen the family since winter break and it felt like we were all with each other yesterday. Even though things were a bit hectic schedule wise, there was still a sense of calmness that I wasn’t really used to coming from the family. Usually we’re all crazy and loud and drive each other nuts. But this time, everyone was so excited, happy to be together, and just went with the flow. Except my Armenian grandma though hahaha When I picked her, my mom, and other grandma up at the airport the first thing she says “Ashley jon (honey) where is your boyfriend? I want ‘grand grand’ babies!” Now, I don’t know if anyone else has to deal with the same issue as me…but just laugh. However, my other grandma decided to sneeze twice, which is bad for me but good for the Armenian grandma. Armenian superstition is that when you are having a conversation with someone about a wish or a dream/goal and someone around you sneezes twice, that wish/dream/goal will come true. I asked my grandma what one sneeze meant, she said “bad.” I asked what three meant, she had no answer. “Two is good.” So I basically teased my other grandma the rest of the trip about being on my bad side because she ended up doing it not just that one time, but twice! haha All in all, it was still something funny that we could all chuckle about, even though my grandma is very serious about wanting her “grand grand babies.” hahaha

The fam was here from Thursday until Tuesday afternoon. Friday we celebrated for my graduation, Saturday was graduation, Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day, and Monday we celebrated my GIANT little brother’s 15th birthday. When I was home in December, my brother was about my height and weight. It’s May and he’s the same height and almost the same weight as my Dad! My sister and I call him Shrek now hahaha He’s a great football and baseball player and I would consider him to be the athlete prodigy in the family because he can pick up anything and be good at it. Unfortunately, though he has to lie low for a while because he recently broke his back and had to have surgery. He’s fine, he’s still growing obviously (LOL), and he’s mooching off all the pretty girls at school to “help” him with homework hahaha I’m really proud of him though because he’s able to keep good spirits while he watches his buddies play without him. My sister is excelling like crazy at her school! I’m extremely proud of her too. I can write a whole list about all the awards and things that she’s been doing over in Indiana. Comes Thanksgiving break, her and I are going to sit down and start choosing/applying to grad schools for her because she’s graduating next year :) Mom and Dad have to do graduation all over again! :)

As far as my life goes, I graduated Magna Cum Laude and received the President’s Award at graduation!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I feel so honored and I wanted to thank President Ross for presenting the award to me at graduation :) Graduation was a wonderful day for my family and I; and my parents are so proud :)

Receiving my President's Award

As you go on in life, whether you’re going onto grad school like me, start a career, start a family, become a hippie or a circus clown, whatever! Just remember that you make your own happiness, if you want something demand it and fight for it, and DON’T MAKE EXCUSES. Live everyday to the fullest, try your best everyday, and live, love, laugh, and PROSPER :)

That actually wasn’t too bad of a toast eh? Well, 2012 Graduates, CONGRATS and I wish yall the best of luck in the future :)
To everyone at Lynn, I will miss yall very much and I will be back to visit :)

To Mom and Dad, I love you very much and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me more than you know. It’s because of you guys that I strive to always work my hardest, be the best I can be, be strong and ambitious, and have such high expectations of myself and others :) I’m so blessed to have such wonderful parents that back me up with every life-changing decision that I make. I don’t know where I would be without you both.

To Dr. Krift, thank you so much for being the one who got my butt moving to apply for grad school ;) and supporting all of my academic goals since the beginning. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I had a blast with you the past 4 years :) From the beach saving turtles, to the classroom, to the office (working on my thesis) ;) we’ve had so much fun and I’ve learned a lot. :)

To Ms. Sheila, thank you so much for being a wonderful mentor, letting me speak what’s exactly on my mind, having a great sense of humor in a serious environment, and teaching me to “know my value.” You are a very strong lady and I hope to be just like you ;)

To Dr. Wright, thank you for pushing me to do better, challenging me and my thoughts, and listening to my sarcastic remarks in class. haha It’s because of you that I am not afraid to say my opinion on an issue and be able to firmly back my argument. :)

To Dr. Watson, thank you for being there when I needed reassurance and advice for my softball career, my academic career, and my career goal of becoming a professor. :) I’ll make sure to call you and let you know that you may now call me “Dr. AB.” haha Your enthusiasm for academics has only helped me even more to achieve my goal.

I will miss stopping by all of your offices everyday to chit chat :) I am very blessed to have such great influences in my life. :)

Take care,


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