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by Misaki | February 26, 2012

Hello, readers!
I hope you all are having great weekend.

I just finished playing in a recital right now. It was my studio’s concert, every one from my studio performed somewhat Bach pieces. Because today’s theme was “Back to Baroque”, so the students played whether the pieces from J.S. Bach, the composers who was inspired by Bach and others..

I performed a piece called “Bachianas Brasileiras No.4″  by Heitor Villa-Lobos. The name means “Brazilian Bach”. Villa-Lobos is a famous Brazilian Composer and taught himself how to compose. But he was hugely influenced from Baroque and classical music style. So my piece sounds like somewhat Bach, yet Brazilian-dance like. It was a fun piece to play, and I’m happy that I’m over with the performance now!

Well, I will record myself for summer camp audition in an hour… and still have lots of homework to do tonight, because Mid term exam is coming this week. After all of those finished, I’m finally free and cannot wait to have relaxing time here in Boca! :D

OH! and also, this coming Wed. I have a performance with Theatre Department.
They are going to sing 7 songs by Gus Kahn and I will be accompanying for them. It is going to be a fun show!

“Gus Kahn Cabaret”

Feb. 29th (Wed.) @ Wold, Schumidt Studio
There are 2 shows on this day, one is from 12:30PM and the other one is from 7:30PM.
If you have a chance to come, please come listen!!

Have a wonderful day!!
Thank you so much for reading.

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Piano week

by Misaki | February 19, 2012


Hello, all!

Let me make an announcement for this coming week. We have a lot of exciting concerts coming up! PIANO WEEK!

On February 25-27, Lynn Conservatory presents Festival of Pianists featuring masterclasses and performances by Anne Epperson, David Northington and “Back to Baroque” recital from the studio of Dr. Roberta Rust. All of them will be held in AG concert hall. You do not need tickets for those, so please come! I will be playing in the Baroque recital. :)


Tomorrow is the president day! Lynn University has an annual event at this time to go to Disney world for 3 days. I went to the trip last year, and it was so much fun plus school gave us a huge discount for the ticket!

However, it’s hard to go to the trip for conservatory students, because every year we have orchestra concert this time as well. Exactly at the same time… I wish conservatory or Student Involvement could somehow change the schedule date, so anybody can go on the trip.

Besides Disney World, Lynn has the trip to Universal Studio in Orlando as well. This year, it will be on March.17! It costs only $50 including park hopper ticket and transportation. I recently bought the ticket, and a lot of my friends are going on this trip. (Thank god, this time we don’t have any concerts!)

I think they still have few tickets left.. If you are interested, please purchase the ticket from the website, and go to Student Involvement page. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




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Time Management for Practicing

by Misaki | February 11, 2012

Hello, readers!

I saw some people who are auditioning to the Conservatory today! I heard they are having auditions here at AG concert hall this afternoon, I really hope every applicants do well and will choose to come study at Lynn! :) Best wishes to them!

So… I have been little busy this week, I played in performance forum, and Mendelssohn concert on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m so happy that I’m over with those concerts, but then from next week I have essays due for English, and Music History… things are getting little hectic from now.


So, from yesterday I have decided to manage my time schedule better. It’s actually my friend’s idea, two of my conservatory friends and I decided to…

  1. Wake up at 6am every morning !
  2. Practice at least 2 hours!
Since I’m not a morning person, first I didn’t really like the idea of waking up so early to go to practice because I have reserved practicing room at night. (Every week, students can sign up for practice room the maximum of 3 hours per day.)




I found out that I actually love practicing in the morning! I start from playing scales, stretches my fingers, really feels the key touching… and what’s so great about it is…

  • Not many people are practicing this time!
  • You don’t need to reserve the room for practice.
  • You can clearly hear your playing, your sound.
  • You never get disturbed by anyone.
  • After done with practicing, you still have a lot of time to do many things.

So after practicing, I feel very fresh and my fingers are very warm. (ready to perform anytime! :D )  In that way, I can study and do homework at night, and if I get over stressed I can go to Yoga class on campus. More time to do a lot of things which help me to stay happy. :)

I just wanted to share some practice tips for musicians. :) I would strongly recommend to do Morning Practice!!


〜♪♬〜Happy Practicing〜♪♬〜

February already?!

by Misaki | February 2, 2012

Hello, all! Hope you all had great winter break and J-term experiences. :) I’m sorry I haven’t written this blog for such a long time.

For me, I had great experiences during J-term. All the music students would stay in the campus. I don’t know much about other departments, but in the piano department had lectures from our professors, and also a master class from well-known pianist, Jon Kimura Parker. I got an opportunity to play in the master class and it was a marvelous experience!

The spring semester has began, and it’s already a second week of it! I cannot believe it is already February!

This semester I’m taking music theory, music history, ear training, keyboard skills, and Foundations of American Liberty. All I have is four music classes and one academic class. This semester is probably much less busier compare to last year. Because I only have one non-music class. Yay!

Also, we have lots of exciting events coming up for this month!


#Elmar Oliveira Violin Concert : Feb. 4 7:30PM @WOLD  *Mozart, Lekeu, Beethoven and Ravel

#Mostly Music: Mendelssohn Feb.9 7:30PM@AG *All music from Mendelssohn. I will be playing in it!!! :)

#Cerebrating 20 years, Dr. Rust Piano Recital: Feb.12 4PM@AG *Mozart Fantasy, Beethoven Op.110, John Cage etc..


There are a lot more events coming up, and I will post them on this blog as the time is coming closer. Follow me and thank you for reading my blog!