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Lynn Concerto Competition 2012

by Misaki | October 29, 2012

This weekend was very busy for the Conservatory students here at Lynn!

On Friday, due to the hurricane ‘Sandy’, the classes were canceled, and the competition’s preliminary was moved to the next day. On Sunday, we had the final.

Every year, the school invites prestigious judges to our school. This year, we had Cynthia Phelps who is a Viola principle in New York Philharmonic, Leonard Hindell, Basoon, former member of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra & New York Philharmonic, and Robert Ward, Piano, Director, ConcertoFest” in Austria.

32 students participated, and this year’s winners are…

Photo Cred: Darren Matias

From the Left,

Jesse Yukimura          Martinu Rhapsody-Concerto, H.337 (Viola)
John Hong                      Mozart Concerto in A major (Clarinet)
Yaroslava Poletaeva  Saint-Saens Havanaise (Violin)
Hsin-Hui Liu                Ravel Concerto in G major (Piano)
Aneliya Novikova        Rachmaninoff Concerto No.3 (piano) *Alternate


Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!!!!


Those talented winners are going to play with the Lynn Philharmonia on Dec.1 at 7:30PM, and Dec.2 at 4PM in the WOLD Performing Arts Center, conducting by Jon Robertson. Come listen to those beautiful performances!

I was one of the participants this year and I had to wake up around 7am on Sat. to be ready and warm-up my fingers, because my time was from 9am. It was definitely Not a typical weekend’s morning for me. I played Mendelsshon Piano Concerto No.2 in D minor this year. Although I could not pass the preliminary round, I’m happy that I learned this piece for this competition. When I decide to participate in competitions, it motivates me to practice more! :) I’m glad this is over, and it’s time for me to practice other pieces now!

And also I’d like to mention that I truly appreciated the support I got from my boyfriend for this competition. On Saturday, even though it was very early morning, he woke up with me and made hot water to keep my fingers warm until I go up to the stage. He was always there for me to support mentally and musically. So, thank you, Zhen-Yang! :)



One of the judges from the Competition, Mr.Leonard Hindell’s Masterclass is going to be held at the AG tomorrow on Monday, Oct. 29 at 7PM. Sadly, I will be working in the music library that time, but I’m sure the master class is going to be great. So, those of you who will be able to come, take advantages! :)


Thanks for reading!
Great job to every one who took part in the competition, and congratulations to the winners!


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