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Concerts in Miami

by Misaki | November 20, 2012

Hello, everyone!
Thanksgiving break has started, and the school is very very quiet now!!
Well, still a lot of International students are here especially from the Conservatory. :)
I wish I could go home~!

So… I’ve been doing great recently, and yesterday I had a fun day in Miami!

Well, this picture is from few weeks ago in Miami, when I saw the performance of Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir.
They were Amazing!!

And yesterday, I saw an another concert, different choir group’s concert in a church (Unfortunately I didn’t get any picture of it! ) There were only 13 singers, but each singer has own unique character and it was absolutely inspiring.

And the place where the concert was held was located in the Lincoln Street in the Miami Beach area.
It was actually the first time for me to be here, I didn’t know about this Lincoln mall even though I’ve been here for 3 years…
There were so many clothing shops, fancy restaurants, and bars… I wish I could come here again soon, hopefully during the winter break.

I really don’t know much about Florida yet, and every time when I find something new around my school, it’s very exciting to me! Can anyone recommend me some places around here, good for sight-seeing, shopping, any kind of fun places…? :)

This picture was taken few weeks ago at my school.
When I was practicing around 7PM, through the window,  I found this huge, beautiful rainbow over the sky!
It definitely made my practice session happier and motivated me to practice more!! :D


I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving break wherever they are!

I’m having relaxing, and great time here in the school. I’m looking forward to having the Thanksgiving dinner at the Cafeteria on Wednesday  night. I will keep updated!


Have a wonderful day!
Thank you for reading!


Franscisco 11/20/12 3:21 pm

what a wonderful day for you!

Misaki 11/25/12 6:05 am


Yes, indeed it was!
I hope to come back there again and have an adventure in Miami… :)

I hope you have a great day as well! :)