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Thanksgiving Dinner @ Lynn

by Misaki | November 25, 2012

Hello, all!

From today, I started to hear lots of people talking in the outside of my dorm room. Lots of students are coming back to be ready for the Monday classes…  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving break wherever they were! Did anyone try to shop on the Black Friday?

I was staying at the school the whole time, nothing special. I did not try to go to shopping on Black Friday either, I really would like to experience that someday though…!

Right now, I’m busy doing my homework for the coming week…It’s going to be a very busy week for sure. Ah, it’s not a good idea to finish the homework in the last minutes…! :/

So, I just wanted to show some pictures from the Thanksgiving Dinner we had at the Cafeteria.

It’s so nice of them to have a dinner like this for the students, thanks to the Cafeteria people! All the workers were dressed nicely, and looking handsome. The table was very clean and pretty, feeling like I’m not in the cafeteria. Are we eating in a nice restaurant? :D


Fresh salad, and also a bread with honey butter.
I really loved the honey butter, I didn’t know such thing exists until now!  Maybe honey butter is an American thing? I love it..!

Turkey and ham…. yummy. :)

My favorite part of the dinner was desert.
Pumpkin pies, blueberry pies, apple pies… yumyum. :)

Thanks to all the treats….!

Thank you so much for reading! Every time when I receive comments on this blog, it means a lot to me!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Liz 11/28/12 6:30 pm

It’s so interesting to see Thanksgiving through the eyes of one of our international students. I’m glad that Lynn ‘s dinner held special memories for you.

Misaki 12/3/12 4:35 pm

Hello, Ms. Mckey!
Thank you very much for the comment. Yes, it is so nice of them to provide us the special dinner during the holiday for us, although sometimes I wish I had a family in this country, so I could get to see them. :) I hope you will have a great holiday for the upcoming winter break!