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The Competition Winners Concert

by Misaki | December 3, 2012

Hello, everyone!
It is already Finals week for students, I’m sure every one is getting busy for preparing for the exams…

Last weekend, we had an exciting orchestra concert in the Wold Performing Arts Center.
Due to the Presidential Debate took part in this concert hall, the Wold was completely shut down and the Lynn Philharmonia couldn’t have performed in here until now…! ¬†Usually by this time, we have already 2 or 3 orchestra concerts.

This time was the Concerto Competition Winners Concert.
I went to both of the concerts on Sat. and Sun., and everyone played really well!! Congratulations to all the soloist and also to the Lynn Philharmonia!!

Also, I loved the Ravel’s Bolero! Every time I hear ballet music, it makes be feel that I want to dance again…even though my major is piano now, before coming to the U.S., I danced ballet for almost 10 years and wanted to be a ballet dancer. :D

The lobby in the Wold is all decorated, Christmas-version. :)
Very pretty Swarovski crystal too.

After this final week is done, we will have winter break!
This winter break, again, I’ll be staying on campus for whole time.
I hope to go to Disney world, but not sure yet… :)

Wish everyone a luck for the exams!!
Thank you for reading.


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