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J-term started!

by Misaki | January 8, 2013

Hello, every one!
Happy New Year 2013!
I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and now ready to back to the school…

I had a great winter break, spending whole time in the Lynn campus.
Most of the time I was practicing, and also recording… the highlight of the break was the West Palm Beach Zoo! I will blog about this trip later… :)

So for the J-term, all the conservatory students are required to come back on the campus and take special courses for 3 weeks.

For the pianists, this year we have a class called “Bach Chorales”.
Everyone of us has assigned Bach chorale, and have to translate German words, analyzing the piece, singing it, and conducting it. I have had a lot of choir experiences, but this is my first time for me to conduct! Excited!

Also, we have a lot of Alexander Technique classes, the professional instructors come from outside of the campus.
Alexander technique is very popular method for musicians, actors, and dancers. This help you to understand how to control your bodies, prevent getting pains and injuries from playing instruments, get a better projection in the stage, over all it will help you to become a better musician.

I had the first class today, it was about finding the right position of yourself when you stand up. Everyone has different habit, different way to stand up. But the important thing is you need to find the centered balance, strongly on your feet. This will eventually help calming your body in the performance. Interesting. I will definitely blog about this more and see what kind of things have changed in my body at the end of the J-term session!

Also all the undergrads have a course called, Music Entrepreneurship. This course will discuss about how to decide your career goals, how you can approach the dream, how to live as a freelance musician and etc. Having a career as a classical musician is actually very tough in this world, and hopefully the teacher will give me some different ideas what I can do for the future…

So those are the courses that I’m taking during the J-term. Besides this, there are extra masterclasses, and piano lecture by Professor Yang Shen as well.

And tomorrow…. is my Junior Recital!!!!!
It starts from 7:30 PM at AG hall, the admission is free.
I would appreciate it very much if you could come and listen to me for even a little bit!

Thank you so much!
Happy J-term!


Dustin SEO guy 1/10/13 1:51 am

did you spend the whole break on campus? i really want to go to the West Palm Beach Zoo, i want to see the bush dogs :)

jolyy abresnt 1/10/13 11:14 am

thanks for this post it is very enlightened. happy new year

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Marcelo 1/13/13 9:31 am

I love piano, despite not knowing how to play. Congratulations