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Junior Recital

by Misaki | February 6, 2013

Hello, everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful January! For me, I had my Junior Recital during the J-term. For undergrads(Junior & Senior) , the conservatory students have to have one recital once per year. So this was actually the first time for me to give a solo recital since I got here at Lynn.

I’m really happy that it’s over, and I’m getting all new pieces for grad auditions coming next year!

The program was…

Black Earth by Fazil Say
Bach English Suite No.3 in G minor
Bachianas Brasireilas No.4 by Villa-lobos
Paganini Jazz by Fazil Say

I wanted to make an interesting program, putting contemporary pieces at the beginning and end, between them I put the traditional Bach music, and Bach-Inspired Brazilian style Bach! Overall, I think it was a successful recital, it was better than I expected. :)

Thank you so much for those of you who came to the recital to support me!
It meant a lot to me… and also special thanks to my boyfriend.

From the beginning of the Winter Break, my boyfriend was trying to help me to progress. So everyday, he came to listen to me at the end of my practice session. And he gave me tons of advice to improve my playing. Especially the Bach English Suite No.3 was my biggest concern, which I used to have very little confidence with this piece. And when it comes to the stage, usually I would mess up if I’m not prepared well enough.

But after playing for him under the nervous feeling everyday, I could tell that I’ve improved over the past few weeks. In the recital, the Bach piece was the most successful one besides others. I didn’t expect this to happen, and I was amazed how audiences told me that they were very pleased with my Bach…

“Sing, Sing! Music is all about telling a story!”

He reminded of me this every time I played for him.

Performer is not the one who plays every single notes correctly written on the music score, performer is the one piece of art work in front of the audience and tells interesting stories to people. Without emotions, feelings, the music cannot be moving. So, for the Bach English Suite, in my mind, I was imagining a cute bear going to another planet and having a crazy adventure. I know it sounds silly, but actually it really helped!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope everyone had a good start of February. :)
Stay warm and happy!

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