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J-term started!

by Misaki | January 8, 2013

Hello, every one!
Happy New Year 2013!
I hope you all had a wonderful winter break and now ready to back to the school…

I had a great winter break, spending whole time in the Lynn campus.
Most of the time I was practicing, and also recording… the highlight of the break was the West Palm Beach Zoo! I will blog about this trip later… :)

So for the J-term, all the conservatory students are required to come back on the campus and take special courses for 3 weeks.

For the pianists, this year we have a class called “Bach Chorales”.
Everyone of us has assigned Bach chorale, and have to translate German words, analyzing the piece, singing it, and conducting it. I have had a lot of choir experiences, but this is my first time for me to conduct! Excited!

Also, we have a lot of Alexander Technique classes, the professional instructors come from outside of the campus.
Alexander technique is very popular method for musicians, actors, and dancers. This help you to understand how to control your bodies, prevent getting pains and injuries from playing instruments, get a better projection in the stage, over all it will help you to become a better musician.

I had the first class today, it was about finding the right position of yourself when you stand up. Everyone has different habit, different way to stand up. But the important thing is you need to find the centered balance, strongly on your feet. This will eventually help calming your body in the performance. Interesting. I will definitely blog about this more and see what kind of things have changed in my body at the end of the J-term session!

Also all the undergrads have a course called, Music Entrepreneurship. This course will discuss about how to decide your career goals, how you can approach the dream, how to live as a freelance musician and etc. Having a career as a classical musician is actually very tough in this world, and hopefully the teacher will give me some different ideas what I can do for the future…

So those are the courses that I’m taking during the J-term. Besides this, there are extra masterclasses, and piano lecture by Professor Yang Shen as well.

And tomorrow…. is my Junior Recital!!!!!
It starts from 7:30 PM at AG hall, the admission is free.
I would appreciate it very much if you could come and listen to me for even a little bit!

Thank you so much!
Happy J-term!

The Competition Winners Concert

by Misaki | December 3, 2012

Hello, everyone!
It is already Finals week for students, I’m sure every one is getting busy for preparing for the exams…

Last weekend, we had an exciting orchestra concert in the Wold Performing Arts Center.
Due to the Presidential Debate took part in this concert hall, the Wold was completely shut down and the Lynn Philharmonia couldn’t have performed in here until now…!  Usually by this time, we have already 2 or 3 orchestra concerts.

This time was the Concerto Competition Winners Concert.
I went to both of the concerts on Sat. and Sun., and everyone played really well!! Congratulations to all the soloist and also to the Lynn Philharmonia!!

Also, I loved the Ravel’s Bolero! Every time I hear ballet music, it makes be feel that I want to dance again…even though my major is piano now, before coming to the U.S., I danced ballet for almost 10 years and wanted to be a ballet dancer. :D

The lobby in the Wold is all decorated, Christmas-version. :)
Very pretty Swarovski crystal too.

After this final week is done, we will have winter break!
This winter break, again, I’ll be staying on campus for whole time.
I hope to go to Disney world, but not sure yet… :)

Wish everyone a luck for the exams!!
Thank you for reading.


Stressful Weekend

by Misaki | April 8, 2012

Hello, every one! I hope you all had a great weekend! And thank you so much for the comments in the previous posts… I will reply them later, as soon as possible. :)

I’m having a little stressful weekend this time. I have so much homework, and have been working on them whole day today, as well as yesterday. I have 1 essay for Music History, 1 essay outline for English, and 1 presentation coming up for tomorrow.

AH! Especially the Music History class is tough for me. We are studying Haydn and Mozart String Quartets right now, and have to analyze plus compare and contrast the similarities and differences between them.

This time, I’m researching about Mozart’s “Haydn” String Quartet No.15 in D minor. This Quartet is the only one that is in minor key in the set. And I found out that this was written when Mozart had first son!

Then, I thought why it’s in minor key? I thought having new baby is a happy thing?

But actually, his wife was having a hard time giving a birth to the child, and Mozart had to be in the same room all day long with his wife to take care of her. Whenever she felt pain, Mozart went to her bed and took care, and come back to composing… That’s probably why… he was having a tough time.

Well, I wish I could compose a piece while having a tough time like him. I have composed only once in my life because I had to compose Mozart-like Sonata piece in music theory class in my high school. :) I always like to improvise and make up some melodies on piano whenever I feel like to, but I’m always too lazy to put and write notes in music score. haha

Okay, I have to go back to write essay now…

I will finish this post by putting the picture of my hometown in Spring time. I believe my father took this picture maybe 10 years ago or so… In the right, you can see the cherry blossom (Sakura). Right now, it’s the most beautiful time to see those cherry blossom in Japan, in few weeks later, they are going to be gone…

Happy Reading! Thank you!


February already?!

by Misaki | February 2, 2012

Hello, all! Hope you all had great winter break and J-term experiences. :) I’m sorry I haven’t written this blog for such a long time.

For me, I had great experiences during J-term. All the music students would stay in the campus. I don’t know much about other departments, but in the piano department had lectures from our professors, and also a master class from well-known pianist, Jon Kimura Parker. I got an opportunity to play in the master class and it was a marvelous experience!

The spring semester has began, and it’s already a second week of it! I cannot believe it is already February!

This semester I’m taking music theory, music history, ear training, keyboard skills, and Foundations of American Liberty. All I have is four music classes and one academic class. This semester is probably much less busier compare to last year. Because I only have one non-music class. Yay!

Also, we have lots of exciting events coming up for this month!


#Elmar Oliveira Violin Concert : Feb. 4 7:30PM @WOLD  *Mozart, Lekeu, Beethoven and Ravel

#Mostly Music: Mendelssohn Feb.9 7:30PM@AG *All music from Mendelssohn. I will be playing in it!!! :)

#Cerebrating 20 years, Dr. Rust Piano Recital: Feb.12 4PM@AG *Mozart Fantasy, Beethoven Op.110, John Cage etc..


There are a lot more events coming up, and I will post them on this blog as the time is coming closer. Follow me and thank you for reading my blog!

January Term

by Misaki | December 11, 2011

Hello, lovely readers!

My finals are almost done, only one more left for me! I’m very happy about that and ready to have a big break now.

So after the winter break, we will have January Term which has all the special classes instead of taking normal academic courses for about 3 weeks. For the music students, we all have to stay in the school for J-term and do things that school assigns us to do.

This year, for the pianists, we will have master classes from an outstanding pianist, Jon Kimura Parker. And the others, we will have special workshops and lectures from the Piano department faculty. I will be playing in one of the master class for Jon Kimura Parker, so I’m already very excited! :)

Last year, the famous pianist, and a teacher, Gary Graffman came to our campus. He is a teacher at Curtis Institute of Music and has taught numbers of world-famous pianists such as Lang Lang, Yuja Wang and etc.. It was amazing to see his concert and masterclasses from him last year, we were very lucky to have this special opportunities!

Besides lectures and master classes, pianists have two private lessons. Other than that, we will have free time to practice. Since I don’t have any academic classes, it’s more relaxing than my normal schedule. And it makes me to be ready for the next semester smoothly. But in contrast, other musicians (not pianist :P ) are usually very busy this time, I remember last year all the string players had chamber music lessons everyday.

I’m looking forward to finish semester in few days, having winter break, and also excited for the J-term as well! :) Happy Holidays~♪

Orchestra Concert and Study Break

by Misaki | December 6, 2011

Hello, Readers:)

It’s already December! It’s actually my favorite, favorite month!

I hope everyone is enjoying the final week! :) In our conservatory, we had one of the most exciting concerts, which is the this year’s concerto competition winners concerts! I went to both of the concerts, all the soloists did fantastic job!

So far, my piano jury is done and my English paper plus presentation is over. I still have few more left until next week which is Ear Training, Music History and Music Theory final exams…

Last weekend, there was an annual event occurred in Cafeteria called “study break”. (from 10pm to 12 mid night)

This is one of the Lynn’s tradition, because during the final week, people can get frustrated or over stressed while you have to stay up so long for staying. In order to concentrate on things, we need food! How nice of them that we can get free food from cafeteria during this time.

So I went to the study break with my friends, ate pancakes with whipped cream and apple juice. It was delicious and made me feel much better. After I came back from study break, I could concentrate more on studying, and could finish all my paper quickly that night!

Cafeteria was filled with people! Lots of people are either studying together with friends, doing papers on themselves with their computers, or simply taking break and eating food (which I did…!)

It is sometimes hard to concentrate on things what you need to do especially right before final exams are coming up, because you can be too stressed. But if you have break between studying, it would really help!

For those of you who missed going to the study break, you all should go there next time
Have a wonderful week! Hope you guys do well on all of the final exams. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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