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Japanese food and Japanese Garden

by Misaki | November 23, 2012

Hello, all!
I had another great day with my friends!

My friends and I went to a Japanese, Thai food restaurant called “Sushimasa”.
This is my favorite favorite place to eat, which is very close from Lynn University and the food is soooo delicious! It’s not that expensive either. As you can see in the picture above, I got my favorite Chicken Pad Thai and three sushi. Yum!

After the lunch, we wanted to be spontaneous and suddenly decided to go to the Japanese garden, “Morikami Museum” to have a desert and go for a little walk after eating. :D

There is one small cafe inside of the garden, and I had my favorite green tea Mochi! (rice cake) Ah so happy.
Anything with green tea taste makes me the happiest.

This is the view that first you see when you enter the garden.
Very pretty, isn’t it? The weather was not perfect this day, but I’m glad it didn’t rain!

Unfortunately, the beautiful bridge was under the construction! :(

Beautiful entrance. This reminds me of my grandparents’ house gate.

A small pond with koi fish and some turtles also.

Tatami Room.
I felt like we came back home!!!  It’s a great feeling that I’m able to sit on the floor and smelling the odor of bamboo.

And also time slip to elementary school time…

Are we still in Souther Florida? Totally feeling like in Japan!

Also some beautiful flowers on the ground..

Here are the all Japanese girls from Lynn! Only three of us. SO happy! :D
It was my favorite favorite day ever!
I definitely recommend anyone to go to this beautiful place, Morikami Museum in Delray Beach, Florida.
If you come here by car from the school, it’s going to take only 10~15 minutes. Not bad at all.
Thank you for reading!
Happy Thanksgiving!


50th Anniversary of my high school

by Misaki | May 29, 2012

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer so far.

I’m having great time in Northern Michigan!

My high school, which is Interlochen Arts Academy had a huge event going on in last few days, because this year is the 50th Anniversary for the school! It is the oldest arts boarding high school in the nation, and also has received the National Medal of Arts, which is the nation’s highest honor in the arts.

It was a big reunion for the graduates this year, and I saw a lot of people who graduated from 1960s~till now. Every year few days from the commencement we have arts festivals. There are so many concerts and performances going on from morning to night on the campus, and this is one of the most exciting time to visit!

Let me show you some pictures that I took this week on campus… The environment is very ARTSY, I would say…

Writing Building. It’s a building for creative writers.

Visual Arts building for visual artists. I got to visit the senior-thesis gallery, and it was amazing!

My Home!!!
Just kidding… It’s a practicing rooms for pianists and percussionists. I remember I spent tons of time in this building…

There is also a lake in the campus. It’s good to get away from all the stress we get while studying…

Graduates of 2012! Congratulations!
As you can see on the right side, there is piano. In our school, even in the commencement, we have orchestra, brass ensemble, choir performances… It’s all about Arts.

I remember back in 5 years ago, when I first came to the United States, I was only 16. I had no idea what to do! I was without my parents, I didn’t know anyone in the United States. My English was very poor, didn’t know how to hug with people, didn’t clearly understand what the teachers were saying in the classes… Sometimes I even wanted to give up my piano, because I always compared myself to other talented students.

But all I can say is that I have had amazing 3 years of my high school, and this place made me to want to pursue a career in music strongly. It’s been already 2 years since I left Interlochen… but I come back here almost every year as a lot of people do.


Happy 50th Anniversary!
Congratulations to the class of 2012!


I heard 2 graduates are coming to study in Lynn Conservatory from this fall! I’m very excited to see them!
And I really hope to come back here when they have 100th Anniversary! :)

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day!


by Misaki | April 17, 2012

Hello, every one! Thank you for coming to my blog. :)

Spring in Japan is the season of meeting new people and farewell to friends. Why? Because in my country, the new semester for school starts from April. Not like here in the US, start from September. I have been hearing good news from my friends back home in Japan that they started their new life nicely.

My older brothers have started new life as well. One is in University of Copenhagen in Denmark, doing some researches in mathematics. He was invited by his professor to study half a year over there for researches and everything for free. Now, even he got new Macbook from the school!! Jealous. haha  And the other one is studying in Shandong University in China, studying Chinese language and traditional calligraphy. He will stay there for one year, hopefully by the time when he comes back to my home, he can teach me some Chinese, since my boyfriend is a Chinese, I should learn! :D

And probably in the United States, especially for students, this is one of the busiest time during the academic year, because we have final exams coming up to finish up the semester and also who are seniors have to decide where to go for schools next year.

Recently, I received a message from my friends back in high school, and asked me questions about Lynn Conservatory.

  • Is Lynn Conservatory extremely competitive to get accepted?
  • Does Lynn provide big financial help for students?

The first question. Honestly, I cannot say whether it is hard to get in or not. Because I think it depends on how many people graduate from the year, and how many spaces are available for new students. Also depends on how many people apply for the audition in that year. I suppose usually 3-5 students graduate every year from piano performance. (if include piano collaborative, it’s going to be more…)

The second one. Answer is, yes, yes…. YES! It is one of the reasons why I chose to come study in here. Because in our conservatory, if you get accepted, you get full tuition and housing scholarship. This was really a big help for me, since I have four siblings in my family and they cannot pay for my tuition so much. I applied many conservatories in the US and also in London, some of them I got accepted, but not with full scholarship.

I clearly remember when I got the acceptance letter from Lynn, I was so happy and immediately told my family and friends. I was so happy because got such huge financial help, thus I wouldn’t need to pay anything for tuition and housing including food! Of course every year, international students have to pay for federal tax and health insurance, and fees at our schools, it doesn’t’ cost much.

Of course besides the financial factor, I decided to study in here because of the professor. I remember I had audition back in high school, the piano professor Dr. Rust from Lynn came to my school, Interlochen in MI. After the audition, I also had an opportunity to play in her masterclass. I really loved the way of her teaching style, so that’s the other reason why I came here.

Deciding for new schools, new places are tough things to do, but hopefully every one is happy with their choices! I’m very happy to be here and studying. Including the weather, professor, classmates and a lot of things. :) I feel extremely fortunate to be here!

I remember about 5 years ago, when my new high school life has just started in Japan, and got acceptance letter from Interlochen, I immediately decided to move to US by myself and study piano. Spring reminds me of a lot of things that has happend in my life.

Happy Tuesdays everyone! This would be the last post for me while I’m 20, tomorrow I will be 21! Thank you for reading. :)

Stressful Weekend

by Misaki | April 8, 2012

Hello, every one! I hope you all had a great weekend! And thank you so much for the comments in the previous posts… I will reply them later, as soon as possible. :)

I’m having a little stressful weekend this time. I have so much homework, and have been working on them whole day today, as well as yesterday. I have 1 essay for Music History, 1 essay outline for English, and 1 presentation coming up for tomorrow.

AH! Especially the Music History class is tough for me. We are studying Haydn and Mozart String Quartets right now, and have to analyze plus compare and contrast the similarities and differences between them.

This time, I’m researching about Mozart’s “Haydn” String Quartet No.15 in D minor. This Quartet is the only one that is in minor key in the set. And I found out that this was written when Mozart had first son!

Then, I thought why it’s in minor key? I thought having new baby is a happy thing?

But actually, his wife was having a hard time giving a birth to the child, and Mozart had to be in the same room all day long with his wife to take care of her. Whenever she felt pain, Mozart went to her bed and took care, and come back to composing… That’s probably why… he was having a tough time.

Well, I wish I could compose a piece while having a tough time like him. I have composed only once in my life because I had to compose Mozart-like Sonata piece in music theory class in my high school. :) I always like to improvise and make up some melodies on piano whenever I feel like to, but I’m always too lazy to put and write notes in music score. haha

Okay, I have to go back to write essay now…

I will finish this post by putting the picture of my hometown in Spring time. I believe my father took this picture maybe 10 years ago or so… In the right, you can see the cherry blossom (Sakura). Right now, it’s the most beautiful time to see those cherry blossom in Japan, in few weeks later, they are going to be gone…

Happy Reading! Thank you!


Happy New Year 2012!

by Misaki | January 2, 2012

Good bye and thank you to 2011! Happy New Year 2012, every one!! Akemashite Omedetou!

New Year is the biggest event in my country, Japan. Since I’m in the United States, I cannot do traditional things in here. But let me write how we cerebrate New Year in my country. :)

This is the buckwheat noodles eaten on New Year’s Eve. This is called “Toshikoshi Soba”. Toshikoshi means ringing old year out. People believe that if we eat this, we can live longer like noodles. Also it means all the bad things of this year goes away as we bite noodles.

Whether you are a Buddhist or not, almost everyone in my country would visit temple on this day to pray for this coming year. There are always tons people waiting in line as you can see in this picture. This is a huge thing in everywhere in my country.

Besides this, there are a lot more things we do on the New Year. My family usually write 300~400 New Year cards to our friends, colleagues, teachers and many others. We make rice cake from rice, cleaning our house perfectly before new year is coming and etc.. All the family member gets together on this day, and spend time with family.

Yeah, but here, I was in the United States. I was playing monopoly board game with my friends on the New Year’s Eve and other than that, I didn’t do any special things this year. Well, even though I feel sad that I cannot cerebrate New Year in Japanese way, it was fun to have fun with my friends on that day. :)

Happy New Year! Thank you for coming to my blog, readers! Wish every one of you will have a bright, successful year of 2012. :)


Winter…the best time to watch Stars★

by Misaki | December 10, 2011

Hello, lovely readers!

The picture was taken by my father, which is the picture of Comet Hale-Bopp with the 45-m telescope at Nobeyama Radio Observatory. The radio telescope is the biggest in the world as of now, and this is the place where my dad has been working…

Few days ago, when I looked up, I could see a lot of stars even in South Florida! The weather started to get colder and colder, and this time you can start to see stars more clear and clear!

My hometown is surrounded my all mountains, like Alps. So during the winter, I can see tons of stars in the sky. It seems like it is covered in specks of sparkling sugar! yummmmy. :)

Since the air is very clean and clear during winter, it is easier for us to watch stars. So whenever I think of winter, I think of stars, probably I was influenced by my dad, because he always talks about stars and planets using a telescope at my house. Sometimes we put warm stove in outside, and all my family stays in outside whole night to simply watch stars. :)

You can see different stars depends on the place you are located in, but hopefully you can look up to the sky and watch some stars during the winter when you have free time.


How do we cerebrate Christmas in Japan?

by Misaki | December 9, 2011

Hello, readers!

It’s been a tough, and busy week for us because of finals, but it’s almost done…! Only few more days left until every one gets back to home for holidays. So let’s think this finals in positive way! :)

My roommate started to listening to Christmas songs, “Jingle bell” and some Christmas song in Spanish “Feliz Navidad~♪”  The cafeteria, and outside of cafeteria has decorated with Christmas colors. And I heard from my family that it’s been snowing crazy in my hometown already!

So let me talk little bit about how we cerebrate Christmas in Japan.


  Christmas is seen as an event that is usually cerebrated by couples in Japan. Snow, shining decorations, everything seems very romantic in every streets, and there are lots of special events for couples during this time. Of course, it can be cerebrated with families as well! (which I always did..) Eating delicious cakes, eating lots of Sushi, and getting a present from Santa Claus on Christmas day. It’s different from here, usually only 1 present!

In the United States, usually Christmas is cerebrated with families and go to churches on that day. New Year can be cerebrated with friends or couples, but Japan is completely opposite. Also I experienced most of the stores in the United States are closed for the holiday, but in Japan this time is one of the biggest time for selling, because they know that there would be a lot of consumers to get gifts! I would say this time is like ‘Black Friday’ for us in Japan.



The picture on the right is the picture of Tokyo Tower. The heart appears on only Christmas Eve. :) I have never seen it before in person, because whether I didn’t have boyfriend during this time, or I was not in Japan.

For this winter, I will be staying in the school. Since the airplane tickets goes insanely expensive for this holiday season, I usually don’t go back my home. These past 4 years in the US, I have only gone back my home once. That winter, I was super stressed with college applications and auditions for colleges, so I really needed break. This winter, even though I miss my home, I’m sure I will have good time. Since there are a lot of international students here at conservatory, there will be a lot of people staying in the dorm. Hopefully I get to go to Disney World with my friends, still planning and don’t know it yet… :)

Best wishes for finals, every one! Holidays are almost there… stay happy and healthy!

Morikami Museum

by Misaki | November 28, 2011

Where am I now…? :)

Let me tell you, I actually went to back to Japan during the break!


…. Just kidding.

I went to a Japanese Garden/Museum called “Morikami Museum” during the break with my friends, and our music librarian(She is Japanese!) took us out there. How kind of her!



The Museum is located in Delray Beach, which is 10-15 minutes away from Lynn. I had never been there before, so this was actually the first time for me to see the Morikami Museum. Since I was staying on the campus, this was one of the highlights during my break.

I felt like I was back in Japan while I was there. But the garden was little bigger comparing to real Japanese gardens, I would say. It took almost an hour to go through everything. However, the atmosphere was very nice and peaceful.

Inside of the garden, there were rock garden, Bonsai streets, Bamboo Forest, a Japanese house, and waterfalls. Also they had museum which has Japanese poetry, tea room, drawings, and even a library!

After we saw everything, we stopped by a cafe to have a break.

I ate green tea ice cream!!! It is my favorite food of all time!! I felt like I was in heaven. :)

This was a great trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It is little sad for me to think that the break is already over, and from tomorrow go back to classes…but I had relaxing and great time, so I’m very satisfied with it.

If you ever come to South Florida, or become a student at Lynn, I would suggest you to visit Morikami Japanese Museum. It is a great place and it’s not far away from here. Especially, if you are ever interested in Japanese culture, you should absolutely visit!

Have a wonderful week! Thank you so much for reading!