Taking Flight

Spotting at FLL

by Mauricio | February 26, 2012

A few days ago I had the chance to do one of the things that I like the most: Airplane spotting. Many of my friends are pilots or aviation majors so we had a decent crew to go down to FLL and spot some airplanes. I hope you like the pictures we took! Those of you who love aviation as much as I do will surely do.

AA 738


Goodbye Spirit!


Avianca coming from home!


AV 036 about to touch down


Delta 757


Southwest and FedEx


Retro US Airways. Beautiful


Delta's Super 80. A classic!


One of JetBlue's A320. Beautiful fleet, huh?


AIr Jamaica on short final for Runway 13




Touchdown… See the smoke?


Terminal 4 at FLL –> I wish I was on Avianca's A319 back to Bogota!



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