Taking Flight

A Dream Come True

by Mauricio | May 6, 2012

Hey guys, I’m sorry for not posting in such a long time. After my last post, I started to prepare for my private pilot’s checkride with the FAA instructor. I took the FAA written test on April 7th and after that I flew as much as I could to get ready for the practical test. I had the checkride on April 27th and now I’m a private pilot!

The weeks before the checkride were very busy but I put my greatest effort into my goal of becoming a private pilot. I hadn’t been that nervous in a very long time – but I finally accomplished what I had been wishing for since I was a little kid: be a certified pilot.

Now its time to continue with the instrument training. I cant wait to see what this new stage of my flight training looks like.

Hopefully, I’ll be instrument rated in a few months. For now… my private pilot’s license will be more than enough!

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