The Jet Stream

We’ve been cleared to land…

by Ryan | June 24, 2010

in the archives, that is.  Sadly, this will serve as my final blog post; going forward, The Jet Stream will be archived along with some others in the “Archived Blogs” section of  I enjoyed blogging over the past year and am hopeful that, through my blog, you were garnered a slice of the Lynn University Experience.  I prefer not saying goodbye, so “see ya later!”  Please feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook; my profile is under ‘Links’ on the navigation bar to the right.

The MBA program at Lynn University was a challenging and rewarding chapter of my life.  It provided an excellent opportunity to continue my education, (put off the job hunt for a little while), and work at the University part time as an Administrative Fellow for the Center for Global Education and Citizenship.  Incoming Freshmen: in a few weeks, you’ll receive our center’s newsletter, so keep your eye open!  It’s never too early to start considering education abroad options for a semester during college.

Lynn’s MBA program combines the academics of concepts, theory, classroom discussion, lectures, etc. with application to real-world situations.  The unique program boasts some of the finest educators and businesspeople I’ve ever encountered.  I would recommend anyone interested in pursuing an advanced/graduate degree in any field to consider the graduate program at Lynn.  I am graduating with my MBA surrounded by great individuals with whom I’ve had the opportunity to network.  This is invaluable to anyone entering the modern business environment.  Now it’s on to finding a job to launch my professional career, and one day founding a business of my own.

I just returned from a 2-week Academic Program Abroad (APA) to Turkey and Greece.  Traveling through these amazing countries with two professors and 19 students was an incredible experience to cap my academic career at Lynn.  We experienced the unique cultures, enjoyed local tastes, and visited major landmarks, political institutions, and companies.  Below is a photo of the entire group (and Little LU:…) at a shipyard in Turkey.


I would like to thank you very much for reading my blog!  I wish you the best in all you do.  Also, please allow me to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to the fine Marketing folks in assisting behind-the-scenes with the blog!

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That bittersweet feeling…

by Ryan | April 15, 2010

Well, t-minus 3 weeks to go in the 09-10 academic year. Where did the time go? The period winding down a school year tends to bring bittersweet feelings to many. While it’s sad to leave behind what has become an enormous part of our life for the past several months, it is exciting to look forward to what the summer and beyond has in store. Over the next three weeks, Lynn students will be flying (without actually jumping out of an airplane), enjoying late night study break where faculty members serve breakfast at midnight during finals week, witnessing the annual spring concert – this year featuring Boca Raton’s very own Dashboard Confessional to honor our Lynn family lost in the Haiti earthquake and benefit the Lynn University Global Citizenship
Scholarship Memorial Fund, and partaking in commencement ceremonies. Which reminds me…the feature commencement speaker has not yet been announced, and I can’t wait to hear who it will be this year!

Until next time…

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A Win-Win: JetBlue Tickets and Fighting Cancer

by Ryan | April 8, 2010

RFL JetBlueOn Friday, April 9, Lynn University will host its fourth annual Relay For Life, the signature event of the American Cancer Society.  Words can not express how proud I am of my entire school and the Boca Raton community in coming together, year after year, for this vital, worthwhile cause.

I am hard at work fundraising for this worthwhile cause.  With the support of JetBlue, I am able to run a great chance drawing with a grand prize of two (2) round-trip tickets to any of the 60+ destinations served by the airline!  Please see below if you are interested in entering the drawing and supporting the fight against cancer.

Back for the fourth consecutive year, enter now for your chance
All proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life

$5 per entry; $20 for five entries (cash, check, credit card)
Contact Ryan Feigenblatt by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 9
(516) 996-0833;  rfeigenblattaf at
Or send a private message on Facebook

Drawing will be held at Lynn University’s fourth annual ACS Relay For Life on Friday, April 9, 2010. No need to be present to win, but you’re encouraged to attend this incredible community event! Odds will depend on the total amount of entries received and winners will be posted on Saturday, April 10, 2010.

Thank you for supporting the fight against cancer!

Lynn University thanks JetBlue for making this fundraiser possible. For more information about JetBlue, visit For more information about Lynn University, visit For more information about the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, visit

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What a Semester…and it’s not even over!

by Ryan | March 26, 2010

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve last blogged.  In fact, it’s been too long.  Please accept my apologies!

My last post, “Tragedy Strikes in Haiti” was written amidst the breaking news of the devastating earthquake in the impoverished nation.  At the time, Lynn University had a group of 12 students and two professors there with a J-Term program, “Journey of Hope.”  We were ecstatic when news broke that eight of our students were safe and on the way home.  During the days and weeks that followed, the campus came together (Knights unite) to pray for the fate of the remaining six students and two professors.  Sadly, they did not survive the quake.  Lynn University had become the center of attention in local and national media.  It was (and still is) a very sad time for the Lynn University family.  We are honoring the lives of “our six” every day and I believe going forward, we’ll be even stronger.  For more information, please visit:

On another sad note, Dr. Arnold Goldstein, Distinguished Professor in the College of Business and Management, suddenly passed away on February 20 at the age of 71.  Dr. Goldstein was one of my favorite professors of all time and his invaluable anecdotes and theories of Business Law and Marketing will remain with me forever.

In happy news, Dr. P.M. Forni, author of “Choosing Civility” recently visited campus.  I encourage you to check out his book that outlines 25 rules of considerable conduct.  Civility has been an emerging theme on the Lynn campus, and I can assure you from first-hand experience that a civil environment equates to happiness!

On March 14, I returned from a 1-week community service trip to Israel.  I volunteered on this great environmental program with JNF’s (Jewish National Fund) Alternative Spring Break.  This extension of service learning is a cornerstone of the Lynn University experience; one in which  eagerly I partake when given the opportunity.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!

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Tragedy Strikes in Haiti

by Ryan | January 12, 2010

As fellow blogger, JD, has shared with you already, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 has struck Haiti, the impoverished country in the Caribbean.  As the culture of Lynn University strongly embraces community service, we currently have a group of students and employees on a J-Term program, “Journey of Hope” with “Food for the Poor” in that country, taking part in service learning and helping the people of Haiti.

Please join me in praying for the people of Haiti, including our Lynn University staff and students who are there now.  As part of my job duties in the Center for Global Education and Citizenship at LU, I was responsible for processing the students’ applications to partake in this experience.  Therefore, I feel a close connection to these students, and pray for their safe return, as well as a speedy recovery for Haiti.

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A New Decade Has Arrived!

by Ryan | January 3, 2010

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season.  2009 was quite a year.  365.25 days have come and gone faster than any year I recall.  Well, at least it felt faster.  You know the saying, “the older you get, the faster time flies by.”  Or, in my case, the faster time “jets” by.  I say 365 and a quarter because that’s how many days it takes the earth to circumnavigate the sun.  Once every four years, those quarter days are added together for one full extra day – you know, those leap years where February has 29 days!  Anyway…

As winter break nears an end, I look forward to a great J-Term and Spring semester at Lynn University.  I have come out of my much needed 2-week hibernation, and will be jetting back down to South Florida in just a few hours.  And, I can’t wait because as I write this, the temperature according to in my hometown, Woodmere, NY, reads 18 degrees F.  The “feels like” temperature is just 1 degree F!  It has been somewhat mild this winter up north, until 18 inches of snow blanketed the tri-state area just before Christmas.

This J-Term, as an MBA student and the Administrative Fellow for the Center For Global Education and Citizenship at Lynn University, I have had the opportunity to help develop a course with the Executive-In-Residence, Mr. Leonard R. Meyers.  This was such a great experience, and I look forward to sharing the updates from this, as well as other J-Term highlights including renowned speakers on campus, with you over the next two-and-a-half weeks.

As the first decade of this millennium is being coined as one of the worst on record, we have lots to look forward to, as it can only get better from here.  Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010 and beyond!

POLL: Two Thousand Ten OR Twenty Ten.  Which do you prefer when saying the year 2010?

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LU Alumni Holiday Reception

by Ryan | December 10, 2009

As a proud new alum of Lynn University, I was excited to attend last night’s holiday reception for alumni.  The event was held at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, a magnificant property where I am told we outgrew the original room reserved by the university!  Over 500 alumni and guests were in attendance, and it was great to see so many familiar faces.  The two-hour reception provided a prime opportunity for catching up with old friends, networking, and enjoying the delicious food and beverages.  Although we come from different areas, share different views on politics, religion, etc., hold different occupations, etc., there is one thing we all have in common: we are proud of our alma mater, Lynn University.  That is a bond to be cherished for years to come.
I am already looking forward to Alumni weekend this spring, as well as next year’s holiday reception.  Also, a shout out to Matt Roos and his staff in the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs.  You all did a supberb job coordinating last night’s event!  Without you, Lynn’s alumni would not be as connected to the university.
Scott Plumb ('09), Jennifer Herzog (Director of Student Involvement), Brandon Ackerman ('09), and Ryan Feigenblatt ('09)

Scott Plumb ('09), Jennifer Herzog (Director of Student Involvement), Brandon Ackerman ('09), and Ryan Feigenblatt ('09)

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Giving Thanks

by Ryan | November 27, 2009

It is now just a few minutes after midnight on Black Friday.  Although I won’t be fighting the crowds today (I prefer online bargains), I thought I’d share with my readers the business explanation of the term Black Friday.  In business, “in the black” refers to being profitable.  Years ago, retailers started to look at the official start to the holiday shopping season (the Friday after Thanksgiving) as the one day in which they turn profitable or profits soar during the year, thus being in the black.  Pretty impressive.

Okay, enough for Economics and Marketing 101.  As I digest the delicious feast my family had just a few hours ago, and as I fight the tryptophan to stay awake for no apparent reason, I reflect back on some of the many things for which I am thankful this year: family and friends, health, education, food, shelter, travel, comedy, and the ability to help make a difference in the world.

It goes without saying that friends and family are of the utmost importance in one’s life.  The precious moments spent together will be cherished forever.  My health allows me to live and enjoy each day.  Education – both formal and self-learning offers a sense of fulfillment.  Food keeps us going.  Shelter keeps us safe and comfortable.  Travel enables us to get from A to B for that special gathering.  Comedy creates laughter.  And with all these fortunes, it is vital that we not only receive, but also give back.  It is gratifying to think of the great difference we can all make in this world – whether it is by volunteering time for an organization which you believe in or donating something tangible, we each have the ability to make the world a better place – one bit at a time.  I know it may sound cliche, but this time of year offers the perfect opportunity to do incredible acts of kindness.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Thank you for reading!


PS – if you are bargain hunting today, good luck!

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A close one

by Ryan | November 18, 2009

The home opener for the Fighting Knights basketball was this evening.  It was an exciting game, with the Knights ahead for most of it.  However, the last 60 seconds was very close, and the Knights lost by two points at the buzzer.  Fellow blogger Gene is the student manager of our basketball team.  Gene, if you’re reading this – keep up the great work; I look forward to a great season!  On the plus side, I won a drawing for a $50 American Express gift card at the game!  It’s always nice to have some extra spending money for the holiday season.

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Schmoozing at the GA

by Ryan | November 13, 2009

This past week, I attended the Jewish Federations of North America (formerly the United Jewish Communities) annual General Assembly (GA) in Washington, DC.  I traveled to the conference with the current student president of Hillel at Lynn University, Jeremy Slonim.  Following a successful experience at the 2007 GA in Nashville, TN, I thought this would be a prime opportunity to network with Jewish professionals, attend intriguing seminars, visit the exhibit hall, and enjoy some fresh autumn air in our nation’s capital.

Jeremy and I headed up to DC on Saturday afternoon, one day prior to the start of the conference.  That evening, we enjoyed a walk down M Street in Georgetown, as well as a midnight stroll through the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and U.S. Capitol.  DC late at night is absolutely amazing.

The conference commenced Sunday at the Marriott Wardman Park.  The GA is the largest gathering of Jewish professionals, attracting over 3,500 people; the attendee registration alone is in the neighborhood of $800.  But fortunately for us students, the Jewish life organization on campus, Hillel, offers a highly subsidized rate of $150 for two nights hotel AND conference registration!

President Obama was scheduled to be one of the keynote speakers of this event; however, his appearance was cancelled due to the tragedy at Fort Hood.  As the memorial took place when he was supposed to speak on Tuesday, the President sent White House Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel in his place.  Additionally, we heard from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and many other dignitaries and professionals.  You can say security was tight!

Major themes of the GA this year included inspiration, innovation and engagement, developing leaders for tomorrow, global Jewish responsibility, building community and service delivery, and politics advocacy and action.

I left the conference with renewed motivation to continue the Jewish traditions of community activism and service, as well as an understanding of new ideas during these unprecedented times.  I highly recommend that any prospective or current college student consider becoming involved with a club or organization on campus.  After all, you never know what awesome national conference you may attend!

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