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by A.J. Mercincavage | October 3, 2012

The third Presidential Debate used to seem like it was a long ways away on the horizon. You know, it was something President Ross talked about. It wasn’t actually going to happen, right?

Well it’s here. The first debate is tonight in Denver and the third won’t be far behind. Viewing parties have been planned and invitations have been sent.

I’ve personally been approved as an inside-the-fence worker for the Media Center and “Spin Alley”, aka Lynn’s gym. My name is also entered into the debate ticket lottery. You can’t miss a chance at viewing history and there is plenty to do here on campus during the debate.

Dr. Riordan and Vice President Malfitano held meetings two weeks ago for students on the activities available. There are viewing parties, cookouts, barbeque competitions, kickball games, and more.

This isn’t some far off event anymore (much like my graduation date, sigh). We’re just 19 days away.

Get used to it. Be proud.

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