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Wonderful World of Wine

by JD | September 14, 2009

This weekend I brushed up my knowledge on the provocative and sophisticated wonderful world of wine in a wine tasting event hosted by Sommelier-in-residence Charlie Arturarola in Bloomingdale’s located in the Boca Town Center Mall. Vibrant red glasses of Pinot Noir wine  straight from the vineyards in Napa Valley was savored among new friends at our table as delicious hors d’oeuvre were passed along only to be concluded with additional  glasses of  french chardonnay.

The most exciting part of the evening however was finding out that all of the wines sampled today cost below $50.

I was suprised to hear that such great tasting wines were so affordable- a humble reminder that we should not always categorize having wine in our every day lives  as a luxury experienced only by the wealthy. My personal favorite glass of wine that day was a Moscato by Robert Mondavi’s Woodbridge 2008. This Moscato had a very gentle aroma of peach while leaving a delightful aftertaste of white flowers.


I encourage my readers to brush up on their knowledge on the intricate world of wine and how it is produced, aged and adequately served to complement even the most flavorful demanding dishes of our time. Wine is also integrated as a  major component to global religions such as Christianity, Judaism and even Islam as it is part of various ceremonies and cultural rituals. For example in Iran, wine has been a central theme for poetry for over several centuries.

In Homer’s The Odyssey, as Greek hero Odysseus returns to his kingdom in Ithaca from fighting the Trojan War, several of his hosts who offered him warm hospitality all had one thing common: they indulged the great hero in endless wine.

Nevertheless, before I venture too far into history, I have to conclude this post and get ready to coordinate next week’s adventures and classes.

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