Viva La Vida

I think, therefore, I am

by JD | October 8, 2009

Today as I was walking towards my environmental class the morning air was filled with the song of birds.

This beautiful harmony of music was soon halted by an obnoxious truck horn from a nearby Pepsi delivery.

I looked at our lakes and it reminded me of the Dead Sea from Europe famed for its ultra-high salinity.

Only to find out while after about the alarming rate at which it is receding to a point of nothingness.

And on top of all that we are shooting rockets at our moon.

Contrary to French mathematician Rene Descartes‘ famed supposition: We think we may not be inducing irreversible damage to Mother Earth, but maybe we are.



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Robert Watson 10/21/09 10:28 pm

An excellent blog, JD. You are a model student for our university!
Dr. Watson