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Beautiful Country…Beautiful Opportunity

by JD | June 18, 2010

After hours of training and searching for the Internet here in the highlands of Ecuador….I find out that I only have about 30 minutes to do what I have to do online before my time expires in this Internet Cafe….Lots to write about…Little time…but I will say the following:

A Peace Corps mission I believe should be on every American citizens´s list of things to accomplish. From what I have seen from my first days of training and from the overview of what I am about to go through for the next two years, I´ve learned that it is a beautiful program that will challenge you immensely while rewarding you to that very same degree of intensity. To that extent, I will suggest that a Peace Corps mission should not be considered only a right, but also privilege to every American Citizen who is able to participate in the program.

More to come…..

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Jean 9/14/10 5:59 am

Hey JD, I just found out about your Blog, and it’s really amazing!! Enjoy your time in Ecuador, I’ll be following your blog :-) .