Viva La Vida


by JD | January 26, 2011

Yup- I now live and work in a province in Ecuador called Esmeraldas. The life here is as beautiful as its name suggests. However beyond the wonderful food, talented salsa dancers and scenic mountains lie the perpetuating social problems that I tend to focus on as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Coincidently as I write this blog President Obama is delivering the State of the Union Address in which he just stated that the “idea of America endures” and that we will “sustain the leadership that has made America not just a place on a map, but a light to the world”.

As a Colombian-American working in Ecuador hearing his speech gave me a renewed sense of direction as I figure out my purpose in this new country. Working with youth and families, I have the unique experience to work with and empower the next generation of leaders for my community. Honestly though, it is really hard to measure how much I am improving the lives of my community members, whether I am at all. But I do know that if I can inspire and motivate at least one individual to become a better member of society, than that’s one more empowered person here and they will pay it forward.

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Laura 1/27/11 10:31 am

Great post JD! Great to hear from you. People will pay it forward. You are doing a wonderful thing!

treyes 2/1/11 4:46 pm

hola jd! pon fotos si puedes =)