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Big Lu at the Honors Conference

by JD | November 1, 2009


My group and I just got back from Washington DC today after a week full of presentations and seminars. Not only did we all successfully present a diverse number of projects to other honor students and faculty from across the country, but we also attended a series of seminars from which we learned from other colleges on how to develop a proactive and intellectually-stimulating honors program at our own university.


I highly encourage ambitious underclassman here at Lynn to submit a proposal for next year’s NCHC conference which will be held at Kansas City. It would be great to see a continued presence of Lynn at these conferences, and it is an effective method to have any ideas or projects to gain exposure out in the academic community. At the conference I saw other students present ideas on how to solve our global population’s most pressing problems, such as energy and environmental dilemmas that challenge humanity to arrive at a consensus without advancing any detrimental effects on Mother Earth.

For example, our own science department at Lynn through their own research explored the question to see how safe commercial cough syrups really are.

A New Method for the Detection of the Toxic Diethylene Glycol Contaminant in Cough Syrups

"A New Method for the Detection of the Toxic Diethylene Glycol Contaminant in Cough Syrups"-with Katrina Jiskrova and Dr. Villa on the right

As far as my own presentation, I performed Richard Clayderman’s Ballade Pour Adeline along with my classmate Timea Varga who danced along beautifully  to the music.

Tomorrow I will blog about the other presentations from my group, as soon as I get their pictures… the way I never realized how much I kept my hands in my pockets as I speak- which is a bad thing! At least now I know!

Honors Conference Part One

by JD | October 30, 2009

At just a couple blocks away from the Smithsonian Museum and our Nation’s Treasury Department, I am here blogging from my blackberry making good use of Starbuck’s free wireless internet access.

So far, the conference has been enriching and it is a pleasure to hear my fellow classmates from Lynn present their hard work to hundreds of other honor students and professors from around the country.

Well the wireless card from my laptop broke and apparently the Grand Hyatt charges a hefty fee for their wireless internet, which is why I am here blogging from my blackberry at Starbucks! Therefore, it’s hard to go in depth and talk about our experiences at the conference thus far. Too bad for me though that I could not use that excuse for the big presentation I was about to miss this past Tuesday from my
Communication Law class, which is why I had to call a friend from DC and ask if he could bring his laptop which had a webcam so I could deliver my presentation through Skype-but hey, it all worked beautiful and it felt like I was back at Lynn for that class!

Anyways, I have a number of posts and pictures that I am planning on sharing with the Lynn community. I have a couple stories as well-like how we almost missed our flight away from Florida since there has been a miscommunication on the lynn van which missed the memo of taking us to the airport, nevertheless as Lynn honor students we showed decisive action at 5:30 on Tuesday morning and quickly jumped on a cab-all seven of us including luggage-and made it just on time!

More to come…..

In a State of Fortitude

by JD | October 22, 2009

Although I was not able to stay for the entire duration of the speech, I was thrilled to hear about the bold direction of Lynn during today’s State of the University Address delivered by our President Kevin Ross.

What really resonated with me about the overall tone of his speech today was how much Lynn has grown since my freshman year as President Ross first accepted his duties to oversee the overall dynamics of our great university. And to think that neither my graduating class nor President Ross had in mind four years ago as we began our tenure that our nation would plunge into  economic uncertainty, nevertheless our ambitious goals and strategic plans to ensure prosperity into the future have not since yet deterred. I believe that as a community, we collectively faced our economic challenges and:

1) Established the groundwork for a world-class arts performing center

2) Realized the construction for a new tennis complex

3) Attained an NCAA national championship (yet another one)

4) Achieved record fundraising for community service projects (IE. Relay for Life, Food for the Poor)

5) Implemented an innovative Dialogues of Learning curriculum

6) Offered diverse J-term opportunities that span various fields of interests and passions

The list can go on indefinitely but what is important to understand is that by having such a high concentration of unparalleled achievements as a private institution despite a recession should serve as a predicament to future achievements and bold initiatives. Lynn’s involvement with the GI bill and the ambitious Lynn 3.0 degree tailored towards our most daring students are just two examples of how we are moving forward as an institution and responding to evolving challenges presented to us in the new millennium.

I can’t wait to come back as an alumni in the year 2020 and witness the fruit of today’s labor.

Till Next Time- come back next week to read about my musical and foreign policy research presentations at our nations capital!



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I think, therefore, I am

by JD | October 8, 2009

Today as I was walking towards my environmental class the morning air was filled with the song of birds.

This beautiful harmony of music was soon halted by an obnoxious truck horn from a nearby Pepsi delivery.

I looked at our lakes and it reminded me of the Dead Sea from Europe famed for its ultra-high salinity.

Only to find out while after about the alarming rate at which it is receding to a point of nothingness.

And on top of all that we are shooting rockets at our moon.

Contrary to French mathematician Rene Descartes‘ famed supposition: We think we may not be inducing irreversible damage to Mother Earth, but maybe we are.



How To Add Value to your Lynn Degree…Part 1

by JD | September 30, 2009

I have been meaning to initiate a series of posts to my blog that encompass my thoughts on how my fellow classmates could get their tuition’s (money) worth as they work towards a bachelor’s degree here at Lynn. After all,if not the students themselves, somebody is paying thousands on top of thousands of dollars in order to attain a college degree, so why not actually get the most out of your investment? College may come and go but the social, professional and intellectual foundations you make can only be built once. Being a student at Lynn gives you an even greater chance to work on those foundations. This is how:

1) Improve/Start Something: It is proven time and time again that Lynn welcomes leadership. As a young, thriving institution the students are given an immense opportunity to influence the college experience of the  next generation of Lynn students. And for those new clubs that have been started in the past, see if you can join those and A) expand membership or B) extend its recognition in the community. Chances are, the wheel has all ready been invented for you-just be sure to ride it well into the future. There is even a budget allocated by Student Government for those bright ideas for whatever reasons.

2) Become a Scholar: That’s right- why not? Just because this is not the Northeast ( with all the ivies) that does not mean that as a student you can not do research into scientific developments into renewable energy, engineer a health care plan that every politician and citizens can agree on or publish that next Nobel-prize winning literary novel.  My ideas may be a little extravagant, but the idea here is that with such an unparalleled exposure to our distinguished faculty here at Lynn and stellar academic resources available through our own library, thriving in an academic field should be attainable.

3) Explore Beyond Lynn- We are one of the few institutions in America with such geographical advantages that allow us to interact with the world. With that international pipeline, every single student at Lynn is well prepared to engage in a society that is becoming more and more globalized every year. As a student body, we can even look among ourselves for global reach as 1/4 of us are foreign-born. South Florida itself is viewed nationally as a gateway for Latin American commerce, so wake up and smell the Colombian Coffee! All you have to do is connect the dots. But even if you are not internationally inclined, South Florida is a hotbed for civic engagement and innovative business. So in other words, when you are done with the necessary proactive reform at Lynn, start to see if you can make a difference in the community around you (or at least get a job off-campus!).

I would like to reiterate that this list is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive. But then again, this is only part 1! Till then-stay involved, do your (home)work, and leave campus every once and a while!




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What a weekend/Fatherly Advice

by JD | September 27, 2009

no, not really. Besides doing the usual of working out and reading about what is going on in Latin America, I really did not do much. Oh, but I did start practicing for my musical performance in Washington, D.C. in October as I participate in the National Collegiate Honors Council along with several other students from Lynn. I practiced on the piano for only 3 hours today as I quickly realized that there was a lot of work to be done on the song that I want to play.

And I also started to work on my calendar. Outside of my classes, I realized that I needed to perfectly schedule my three jobs:

1) College Success mentor at Lake Worth High School

2) Legal assistant in a compliance department at an insurance firm

3) Work-study at the Boys and Girls Club (Reading + Piano tutor)

I spend roughly 13 hours each week on every single one of those responsibilities. And did I mention that I do not have a car? Well I did have one before-but long story cut short I simply lost it. And even though I spend half my time outside of campus, I decided that I would not go through the process of getting a new car knowing that these are my last two semesters before I go to law school up north.

For those of you that do not know Boca Raton, it is difficult to live here without a car. This is not NYC, where everything is only a couple blocks away on the subway, and this is not London where getting around in a bicycle won’t mean that you will be drenched in sweat throughout the day. Nevertheless, I still have responsibilities off-campus and I will not let not having a car impede me from doing what I need to do.

Since losing my car, I have become a master at the art of ATM. Or in other words, I have learned to use Alternate-Transportation-Methods. Or as my friend likes to joke with me, he says asks me all the time how is the “BMW”. But of course he meant how is the Bus-Metro-Walk. Shameful acronyms aside, the shuttle service sponsored by SGA has helped me tremendously this semester. Moreover, I have memorized the schedule for the two public buses that run right past Lynn as well as the Tri-Rails.  While none of this is luxurious, the extra hour or two I get a day during transportation has allowed me to catch up on a lot of reading that I need to do- a ‘luxury’ that driving would repel (unless you count audiobooks). Like my father used to say to me, “Juan David, no hay mal de que por bien no venga” or “JD, you can always find the fortunate in the unfortunate events that come your way”.




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Wonderful World of Wine

by JD | September 14, 2009

This weekend I brushed up my knowledge on the provocative and sophisticated wonderful world of wine in a wine tasting event hosted by Sommelier-in-residence Charlie Arturarola in Bloomingdale’s located in the Boca Town Center Mall. Vibrant red glasses of Pinot Noir wine  straight from the vineyards in Napa Valley was savored among new friends at our table as delicious hors d’oeuvre were passed along only to be concluded with additional  glasses of  french chardonnay.

The most exciting part of the evening however was finding out that all of the wines sampled today cost below $50.

I was suprised to hear that such great tasting wines were so affordable- a humble reminder that we should not always categorize having wine in our every day lives  as a luxury experienced only by the wealthy. My personal favorite glass of wine that day was a Moscato by Robert Mondavi’s Woodbridge 2008. This Moscato had a very gentle aroma of peach while leaving a delightful aftertaste of white flowers.


I encourage my readers to brush up on their knowledge on the intricate world of wine and how it is produced, aged and adequately served to complement even the most flavorful demanding dishes of our time. Wine is also integrated as a  major component to global religions such as Christianity, Judaism and even Islam as it is part of various ceremonies and cultural rituals. For example in Iran, wine has been a central theme for poetry for over several centuries.

In Homer’s The Odyssey, as Greek hero Odysseus returns to his kingdom in Ithaca from fighting the Trojan War, several of his hosts who offered him warm hospitality all had one thing common: they indulged the great hero in endless wine.

Nevertheless, before I venture too far into history, I have to conclude this post and get ready to coordinate next week’s adventures and classes.

Distinctly Yours,



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Law School Discovery

by JD | September 10, 2009

I always knew that I wanted to attend law school right after graduating from Lynn. And after almost four years of amazing legal internships, a summer at Yale Law School and a lifetime of being a witness of the sheer power behind legal advocacy my dream of attaining a law degree and heading straight towards  a career in public service has never looked so reachable.

I just got accepted early into a law school ( a school of which I don’t plan on revealing until my plans are finalized) but I am still looking forward to apply to more schools throughout the nation to see which ones cohere with my priorities, abilities and values.

That is why I am attending this week’s law school forum in Miami, Florida. There will be well over one hundred admissions officers from all of the ABA accredited Law Schools of America. I already got a few other Lynn students whom I plan to take along with me. If there are any other students who would like to come- shoot me a message!


‘Meet the Press’ moderator is coming to Lynn!

by JD | September 8, 2009

I just read online that the moderator for the Sunday morning talk show Meet the Press would be this years’ keynote speaker for our college’s Dively Frontier in Globalization Luncheon Lecture.

As the moderator for one of the longest-running television shows, the Lynn community should be thrilled to welcome David Gregory to campus.

NBC’s Meet the Press for me has always been the definitive news program as the program itself has been for decades a medium for politicians, social leaders and intellectual scholars to deliver clear-cut statements and reflections to the public. In fact, every single US President since JFK has made an appearance, either during in or out of office. Among countless significant moments throughout its history, I would like to briefly point out  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s appearance on the show in 1968 during the pinnacle of the civil rights movement in America. Meet the Press was also the show where  Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman  made the controversial appearance as VP candidate under Al Gore in 2000 which many have perceived to be a contributing factor in Al Gore’s defeat to the presidency after the senator recommending that the election officials count the military ballots from oversees which was a position that was strongly opposed by the Democratic base. And more recently, the NBC show has served as a hotbed for the 2009 health care debate with several junior and senior Senators and Congressman weighing in on the issue from multiple perspectives.


Nevertheless, although David Gregory recently just began moderating  Meet the Press, he has quite an impressive resume and is known to have a  “tough, news-oriented, and no-nonsense or showy, superficial, and self-indulgent” approach to news coverage according to journalist Ana Cox.  Lynn students should also know that before becoming a moderator, David Gregory was the chief correspondent to the White House where he was known to ask former President Bush some of the toughest questions concerning the war in Iraq.

Once again, the Lynn community should be thrilled to welcome David Gregory to campus. For those of you that may want to learn more about David Gregory before meting him, I recommend that you watch this video which includes some powerful excerpts of Mr. Gregory asking some hard-pressed questions to officials in the previous Bush administration. Oh, the video even includes a few of his dance moves which he may very well break out on campus during this year’s visit- you’ll never know.

Talk to you very, but very soon,



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Jetting Back to Lynn…

by JD | August 11, 2009


There is something about air traveling that induces a lot of thinking upon the traveler; and on this particular flight from New York to West Palm Beach today for me was no exception. Looking outside of my window past the puffy clouds and into the horizon my mind couldn’t help but reminisce about how much I grew as a person both intellectually and spiritually from this summer alone.

But then I figured, that since this commercial airliner is flying forwards 500 miles per hour,  so should my thinking. Therefore, I began thinking into the future- particularly about how I will finish my last year at Lynn University.

I thought about all of the rugby that I want to start playing again and help the team compete against other colleges in the area. I thought about all the future great musical performances sponsored by our world-class conservatory (not to mention my eagerness to attend their annual philharmonic outdoor concert under the stars at the Mizner Park Amphitheatre). I thought about all of the great in-resident scholars, business executives and renowned speakers that will visit our campus (among the best as sponsored by the George S. Dively Speaker Series). I thought about the intense sport games that I plan on attending this year (and congratulations, by the way to our newest national champions-the Lynn baseball team!).

But most importantly, I thought about how great it would be to return to an academic community that thrives on unparalleled institutional growth, proactive learning and a friendly, stress-free environment reflective of south Florida that distinguishes itself from all other universities around the world. It’s going to be a great year…

Insightfully Yours,



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