When In Rome

Primi Giorni a Roma

by Yuli | January 16, 2010





The Vatican

Bridge nearby in Trastevere

After waiting for probably the longest eight hours of my life in Washington D.C, the plane landed in Rome last Monday at 7.45 am. A couple of minutes later after getting off the plane, I went to claim my luggage for which you had to take a train to get to the terminal. That is of course where I realized that I had a terrible flu and that I would not stop sneezing for five minutes straight. I was a bit confused but I just followed the crowd and listened carefully. I was so exhausted and felt so much like sneezing that once I had my luggage, I went right outside hoping to get to my destination very shortly after. Unfortunately, one of the holders of the bag would not work and that just sort of made me stronger to carry all the stuff outside for some reason. Still, I was supposed to take the train when I thought it was over!! A guy spoke to me in Italian something I know I understood but then I got lost for some reason I still can´t understand, asked again and then found the train!! Aleluya then, fortunately, I paid the ticket, got on the train and my tired hands didn´t have to feel the pain of dragging the suitcases all the way down to Stazione Trastevere which is the station where I would get off. Luckily for my hands, I found another kind Italian guy that helped me carry the bags. Ultimately, I got to Trastevere Station safe and sound ready to experience Rome. There, everything started when I met Andrea, who picked me up right inside the station and started to show me around a little. The changes were truly evident.

Even though I had a terrible flu since the first day, I have not wasted time and I will be posting pictures very soon of what I have done. Rome is an incredible city to sightsee especially at night time.

Alla prossima!!
Yuli Chica

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Stefano 2/5/10 6:03 pm

I hope you are enjoying your experience in my home town!!!

Yuli 2/11/10 5:19 am

Yes!! I am!! Forza!! hehe