When In Rome

by Yuli | February 3, 2010

After all these days without posting, I bet you guys have wondered what I have been up to in Rome… Hmm…. Actually I have not done a bunch of trips like most of my fellow classmates have but I can boast having gone to many places in Rome and even Firenze!!

Firenze which is Florence in English is a small, neat and beautiful city that is located North of Italy. I decided to go there because it sounded to me like a very different “plan” compared to my initial travel plans. These days after my sickness I have been trying to catch up on school work, trying to write for you guys even though I do not have my laptop back yet :( and of course go around Rome and explore the Italian culture as long as I can.

Later on this week, I will be putting up lots of pictures when I get a chance but for now let me tell you fun stuff about Rome:

First, the Gelato is the best I have ever tried which I think I mentioned at some point before!!

Second, Italians are not xenophobic at all and are very friendly to tourists since Rome is obviusly very touristic.

Third, the public transportation here is amazing!! You can travel anywhere in Rome without owning a car and people are friendly at giving directions.

Last but not least, the fashion, the food and the readiness of transportation even to travel to other countries makes Rome one of the most attractive spots to travel to. I talked to several of my Study Abroad mates outside of class. We actually had a conversation about why people chose Rome for their study abroad semester and most kids are most happy with the fact that Rome is more accessible to travel to and from when considering leaving Italy.

In fact, let me tell you that I will soon be going to Greece, Spain and then Ireland!! It is all booked and ready :) I am so excited. Imagine never been anywhere else besides The Bahamas and the United States and now going to Spain and many other countries in a totally new continent very far away from home. I will be taking advantage of these many opportunities for the next couple of months and I hope you follow me on the journey!!


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Juan Camilo Tamayo 2/16/10 7:52 pm

Fuerza Romana Yuly, congratulations we are very proud of you.