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Now its time to say goodbye to all our company

8:00 pm


Well, My journey as a Walt Disney World College Program participant has come to its end. It has been a little over a month since my last entry, and about a month since the conclusion of my program. I have been bloging from just days before my program up until now. I have enjoyed sharing some of my experiences with you, but just as my program has concluded following this entry so will my blog. If you continue to have an interest in the Walt Disney World Theme Parks & Resorts College Program I encourage you to check out the official website at, and for the stories of various other participants throughout the years, “Mousecatraz” is an unofficial look into several leading aspects of the program, and some highlights of what students may encounter.

Personally, my experience has been beyond amazing! There is so much I have learned from Disney in the past seven months that I never would have been able to learn from a textbook, or sitting inside a classroom. I have learned about cultures not only from our guests, but also from the Cast Members I interacted with. In fact several of my close friends from the program came from Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, etc. Not to mention all of the amazing people I have met from so many different states within the United States. I was very fortunate to have gotten an excellent work location; in fact I was able to work four attractions, and one very exciting special event. Each location presented challenges to learn from and experiences unique to that attraction.

Beyond working, I also got the opportunity to experience behind the scenes tours, both in personal and group environments throughout the property, and I can’t forget I went on The Disney Cruise Line! I volunteered at the Give Kids the World Village, I took classes with Disney, and so much more that I can only look back on and remember how incredible it all was. I was able to learn and do so much from my experience that I am terrified to be back in the real world again, how much I would love to be back there making magic for those guests, and watching guests enjoy their time together escaping the hassles of everyday life. I will never be able to forget some of the amazing people I interacted with, and even the occasional ones who yelled at me for something that went wrong during their vacation. As Walt Disney said in reference to Cast Members, “They will be the people who give, who like to bring delight to other people, and therefore gain pleasure and satisfaction for themselves.” I can only hope that in my past seven months as a Walt Disney World Cast member I have been able to truly build lasting memories for all those I interacted with, for those are truly the priceless moments our guests look for. So thank you again for allowing me to share my journey with you, I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventures! And very special thanks for all those friends, Cast Members and even the Guests for making all of these stories! And of course, as always, I hope you have a Magical Day!

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A Picture can say a thousand words…

8:00 pm


As a part of the year of a million Dreams campaign, Walt Disney World has come out with several slogans such as “Where Dreams come true” or “Where the incredible happens every day.” Inspired by The Year wherechar-final.jpgof a Million Dreams, a friend and I got together to create our own version, which we like to call “Where every Character has a Story.” With around 60,000 Cast Members at Walt Disney World alone, an average guest will interact with around 300 of them during a one week visit, each and everyone has a story to tell; both Cast Members and Guests. You have gotten the opportunity to read all about my story as a Disney Cast Member and sometimes pictures can say so much more than words, so below I have added some of my favorite photos that I feel highlight my experience…














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Ready to make some magic

8:33 am


Well I’m back in Orlando to finish up my program. I had a great time at home with some family and friends, and I’m now well rested for Disney’s busiest season of all. These next few weeks are going to be so crazy, with a six-day workweek coming up, and all those thousands of people joining us for the holidays, not to mention, trying to spend time with friends before everyone goes in different ways. I can only hope the rest of my program doesn’t go by too fast!

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Disney Fun Fact: Spectacle of Lights!

7:49 pm

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☆ The Osborne Spectacle of Dancing lights required 30 miles of extension cords, 2 million tie wraps and 20,000 man hours to create the dazzling display of over 5 million lights(including 40 hidden Mickey’s)!

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Flying home for a short break

9:20 am


This is the second time I have flown out of Orlando international airport during my program, and just as the last time, I surprisingly felt a warm feeling I usually don’t expect to get from an airport. Last time I actually had one of our guests recognize me from work and begin talking to me about how him and his family remembered the experience I helped to create for them. This time I just took the time to look around and see the different families that are returning home from their vacation. Although not everyone at the airport is there for a trip from Disney, it’s obvious to see those that are. They are the ones who are wearing their newly purchased Disney shirts, hats, or carrying a Walt Disney World shopping bag. During this trip I encountered two different families, one was an older woman who was on the phone with a friend or relative and couldn’t stop talking about all her experiences, and how much fun she had. She loved the fact that she felt like she was “Sorin’ at EPCOT, she loved all the holiday celebrations, and from what I saw this woman wearing her 2007 Walt Disney World shirt had an amazing trip! Another family I noticed was one that had on their make a wish shirts. From what I saw it was a family of three and this little boy gave off a vibe that he had had the most wonderful trip ever! While other little kids ran around me in Buzz Lightyear costumes, this little boy sat contently in his seat with a look that seamed like he was reflecting all of the experiences he had. I don’t know what his story is, anything about him, all I know is that they where there for a trip to Disney World, and from what I saw it seamed like they had the opportunity to make amazing memories together!

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