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Allan - College of Hospitality Management
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Flying home for a short break

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This is the second time I have flown out of Orlando international airport during my program, and just as the last time, I surprisingly felt a warm feeling I usually don’t expect to get from an airport. Last time I actually had one of our guests recognize me from work and begin talking to me about how him and his family remembered the experience I helped to create for them. This time I just took the time to look around and see the different families that are returning home from their vacation. Although not everyone at the airport is there for a trip from Disney, it’s obvious to see those that are. They are the ones who are wearing their newly purchased Disney shirts, hats, or carrying a Walt Disney World shopping bag. During this trip I encountered two different families, one was an older woman who was on the phone with a friend or relative and couldn’t stop talking about all her experiences, and how much fun she had. She loved the fact that she felt like she was “Sorin’ at EPCOT, she loved all the holiday celebrations, and from what I saw this woman wearing her 2007 Walt Disney World shirt had an amazing trip! Another family I noticed was one that had on their make a wish shirts. From what I saw it was a family of three and this little boy gave off a vibe that he had had the most wonderful trip ever! While other little kids ran around me in Buzz Lightyear costumes, this little boy sat contently in his seat with a look that seamed like he was reflecting all of the experiences he had. I don’t know what his story is, anything about him, all I know is that they where there for a trip to Disney World, and from what I saw it seamed like they had the opportunity to make amazing memories together!


I am one of the editors at which usually has Disney World Tickets & Park info. I got a couple of requests lately about Walt Disney World college participant program and how to apply. Would you be kind enough to mention which universities are eligible for the program and what majors. People are keen to join the program and I think some universities in the East & West coast may not have enough information about this college program. Any feedback is appreciated. You can post the response in your blog and I will point the users to your blog.

Thank You
Theme Parks Editor

By Matt Hewitt on 04/22/08 at 10:52 am

Hi Matt, I would be more than happy to be of any assistance I can be to anyone interested. The Walt Disney World College Program is open to any full time students throughout the United States & Puerto Rico studying any majors. In fact during my interview I was joined by a psychology major who questioned how Disney could help her career, and Disney recruiters make it appoint to show how any major can participate in the program and still benefit from it. Some schools may not have a presentation at their school, in fact mine is one of those, so instead students can attend a nearby school for a presentation, or even apply online view an e-presentation, and have a phone interview. Again, the only requirement is to be enrolled in a college or university during the time of applying, so that could be after a student’s first semester, or at the conclusion of a student’s final semester. I hope this is useful information, if there is anything else I can be of assistance to you please feel free to ask, I also encourage you to check out the Walt Disney World College Program website at and the Disneyland College Program website at

By Allan on 04/22/08 at 8:54 pm

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