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Allan - College of Hospitality Management
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A Picture can say a thousand words…

8:00 pm


As a part of the year of a million Dreams campaign, Walt Disney World has come out with several slogans such as “Where Dreams come true” or “Where the incredible happens every day.” Inspired by The Year wherechar-final.jpgof a Million Dreams, a friend and I got together to create our own version, which we like to call “Where every Character has a Story.” With around 60,000 Cast Members at Walt Disney World alone, an average guest will interact with around 300 of them during a one week visit, each and everyone has a story to tell; both Cast Members and Guests. You have gotten the opportunity to read all about my story as a Disney Cast Member and sometimes pictures can say so much more than words, so below I have added some of my favorite photos that I feel highlight my experience…















Allan, those pictures are amazing! What a wonderful journey you’ve gone through! Looks like some great memories that will surely stay with you your whole life! :)

And I know we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed reading about all of your adventures over this past semester. Thank you for sharing!

By Jena on 01/28/08 at 10:39 am

Allan, all of this just made me cry… it’s true a picture can say a thousand words.. You couldn’t imagine how many times I’ve gone through ALL my disney pics (thousands) and tell myself I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE… and could hardly believe I’m done with that period of my life and need to continue with what I call reality because even after being a Cast Member I can say Disney is behond reality, it’s Magical! Thank you for sharing this blog… I can’t put any of my feelings or thoughts in words… :S

By leticia on 01/28/08 at 9:10 pm

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